Sine Lo Svenningsen

Sine Lo Svenningsen

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Curriculum vitae for Sine Lo Svenningsen, Dept. of Biology, Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen

ORCID                                        000-000732-2681

DATE OF BIRTH                           April 11, 1979, Denmark

CONTACT                                     +45 35322033,



2008 (Nov 22)                              Ph.D. Molecular biology, Bonnie Bassler lab, Princeton Univ., USA.  

2005 (Aug 20)                              Master of Arts, Molecular biology, Princeton U., USA.

2003 (Jun 20)                               Master of Science, Biology, UCPH, Denmark.



Combines techniques from molecular biology and genetics with mathematical modelling to address fundamental questions in microbiology, particularly concerning bacterial growth physiology, RNA-based mechanisms of gene regulation and the interactions between bacteria and bacteriophages. Contributes fundamental knowledge about the functioning of bacterial cells and how they cope with starvation, exposure to antibiotics, and exposure to viral predators. Strives to always put the study of detailed molecular mechanisms into the context of cell physiology and the behavior of the bacterial population as a whole.


2023 Sep-         Associate Professor in the UCPH Professor Promotion Programme, Dept. of Biology, UCPH

2012-2023         Associate Professor, Dept. of Biology, UCPH.

2009-2012         FREJA tenure-track fellow, Dept. of Biology, UCPH.

2008                  Postdoctoral fellow, University of Ottawa, Canada. Prof. Thienny Mah lab.

2001-2002         Visiting Scientist at NCI, NIH, USA. Sankar Adhya lab.

Periods of leave: 2012 (May 25 – Dec. 31 Maternity), 2013 (July 19 – Sept. 8, family care leave), 2015 (Dec 20, 2014 – Aug. 31 Maternity), 2021 (Feb. 15 – Mar. 29 Parental leave).



Promoting high-quality research:

  • Chair of the Novo Nordisk Foundation Committee on Interdisciplinary Research, 2021-2024, Committee Member 2019-2020.
  • Editorial Board member for Nature’s Communications Biology (2021-2022) and Scientific Reports (2017-2021).
  • Besides the hundreds of grant applications I have reviewed for the Novo Nordisk Foundation, I review proposals from the UK Research and Innovation, the US-Israel Binational Science Foundation, the Austrian Science Fund and the Israel Science Foundation.
  • Regularly review papers for top journals (e.g. eLife, ISME J, PNAS, Cell Reports, mBio)
  • Opponent at PhD defenses in Norway, India, Australia, Denmark (SDU and DTU).

Enabling scientific exchange, outreach, recent highlights:

  • Organized 3-day NNF Symposium “Major ideas in quantitative microbial physiology”, June 22, 90 participants. I was the PI on the NNF symposium grant.
  • Organized “Art of Scientific Discovery” creative ideas workshop 2021, 50 participants, mostly PhD students.
  • Danish RNA Society, co-founder, board member, annual meeting organizer. 2016-2020.
  • Conference speaker, most recent: Gordon Research Conference on Mechanisms of Microbial Transcription, USA, 2023 (invited). Microbes & RNA 2022 (virtual). U Wisconsin-Madison online seminar series, 2022. EMBL New Approaches and Concepts in Microbiology 2021 (virtual). Conflict and Cooperation in Cellular Systems, Bangalore, India, 2020. Lambda Lunch seminar series, National Institutes of Health, 2019. Molecular Advances in Bacterial Communication, Princeton U., 2019.
  • Speaker, “Vov at vide” seminars for the general public in Copenhagen, Århus and Odense, 2019.
  • Nominated for outreach article of the year “Årets bedste formidling” by Danish website “”, 2018.
  • Co-organized four symposia on Women in Science (~800 participants in total) 2013-2016.

Dedication to teaching and education:

2023:               Nominated by the University of Copenhagen for the 2023 nationwide teaching award ("Undervisningsprisen")                                      awarded by the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science.

2022:               Awarded Educator of the Year at the Dept. of Biology, UCPH, May 2022.

2021-current   Member of the Study Board for the Biological area.

2023-current   PhD Coordinator, Department of Biology, UCPH.

Mainly engaged in teaching and organizing four courses: Dynamical models of molecular biology (course responsible), General molecular biology, Project course Biochemistry, Molecular Microbiology.



Four PhD students, five postdocs and one assistant professor have completed their training under my main supervision (2013-2022). One PhD student ongoing and one postdoc starting Oct 1, 2023. Served as co-supervisor for another five PhD-students, one ongoing, and have supervised 19 M.Sc. projects and 45 B.Sc. projects.



Sapere Aude Research Leader, 2019-2023, Independent Research Fund Denmark. PI. 

Novo Nordisk Foundation project grant, Bioscience and Basic Biomedicine, 2023-2026. PI

DFF Research Grant, 2023,2026, Independent Research Fund Denmark, FNU. Co-PI.  



Michael A. Sørensen and Mathias Middelboe (BIO, UCPH), Namiko Mitaria and Kim Sneppen (NBI, UCPH), Susanne Häussler (Twincore, Hannover and Rigshospitalet), Ramesh Wigneshweraraj (Imperial College London), Julia van Kessel (Indiana U), Pietro Cicuta (U of Cambridge), Suckjoon Jun (UCSD).


BIBLIOMETRICS (as of June, 2023)

36 peer-reviewed articles, including several high-impact journals (PNAS (3), Mol Cell (1), Nucl Acids Res (2), ISME J (1), EMBO J (1), Genes & Dev (1), mBIO (3)). mBIO is the flagship journal of the American Society of Microbiology.

H-index: Google Scholar: 20

Citations: Google Scholar: 1645

Published papers as first author: 6, as senior author: 15

ID: 11223840