Section for Biomolecular Sciences

The Section for Biomolecular Sciences consists of four research units and a research center covering a wide range of fundamental protein biomolecular topics primarily investigated in a cellular context. Techniques include NMR spectroscopy, computational  biology, protein design and sophisticated directed evolution selection systems. We disseminate our knowledge through collaborations with industry, publications, student projects and contributions to a variety of courses ranging from basic biochemistry over medical bacteriology to advanced protein science, structural biology and biological dynamics.












































































The Section for Biomolectular Sciences is located at the Københavns Biocenter at Ole Maaløes Vej 5 (map). The section has officespace and laboratories at the ground level (SBINLab) and at 2nd floor (Protein Biology Group, Biomolecular Regulation Group and Enzyme Design and Synthesis Group) of building 3.

Location of BMS groups at the BiocenterLocation of the copenhagen Biocenter