Welcome to the Section for Biomolecular Sciences!

The section consists of four research units covering a wide range of fundamental protein biomolecular topics primarily investigated in a cellular context. You can read more about the research and the divisions here. The members of the section disseminate their knowledge through collaborations with industry, publications and contributions to a variety of courses ranging from basic biochemistry over medical bacteriology to advanced protein science and biological dynamics. Read more about the courses here

Teaching at BMS

The section has its main teaching competencies and obligations within biochemistry and protein chemistry to students of Biology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biomedicine at all levels. In addition, the section teaches aspects of molecular biology, microbiology and gene technology as well as molecular cell biology.

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The Linderstrøm-Lang Centre

The Linderstrøm-Lang Centre for Protein Science focus on the new horizons of protein science and annually hosts the Linderstrøm-Lang Symposium.

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Research at BMS

The areas of interest reach from protein synthesis and turnover over protein dynamics and design to enzymology and metabolic networks. The section is firmly based in the molecular biology and biophysics. The section enjoys strong ties and close collaborations with other departments at the Faculty of Science at the University of Copenhagen.

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How do bacteria survive?

Find out how bacteria survive

A collaboration between the Svenningsen lab and scientists from the Niels Bohr Institute just published a beautiful study in PNAS explaining how bacteria survive virus (bacteriophage) infections by using the outermost layer of bacteria as a shield.

Read the PNAS paper here

Read the description in the Universitets Avisen here