Elodie Floriane Mandel-Briefer

Elodie Floriane Mandel-Briefer

Associate Professor, Associate Professor - Promotion Programme

My primary research interests are cognition and vocal communication in mammals and birds. The main aims of my research are understanding how animals use vocal signals to encode information about their identity (e.g. species, group, individual identity), their quality (e.g. body size, dominance status, age) and their affective states (emotions, mood), as well as the impact of such information on conspecifics.

I moved from ETH Zurich to the University of Copenhagen in 2019 to take over the Behavioural Ecology group from Prof. Torben Dabelsteen. Our group focusses on the behaviour of vertebrates. Our main projects combine the topics of acoustic communication, emotions, cognition and social interactions, in order to understand how emotions influence communication and cognition, how emotions are transmitted between individuals and influence social relationships, and how acoustic communication affects social interactions. We are also interested in how our research can be used to improve animal welfare and for conservation purpose.

If you want to find out more about our projects, please visit our website (https://www.behavioural-ecology-group.com/) or contact me (elodie.briefer@bio.ku.dk).

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