Section for Ecology and Evolution

We address fundamental questions about the organizational principles and functional diversity of life. Major research interests – often shared between research groups – are:

  • Social evolution in animal societies and cells, and regulation of social conflict
  • The co-evolutionary dynamics of mutualistic & parasitic interactions
  • Animal communication, emotions & social networks
  • Assembly rules of ecological communities
  • Conservation and invasive biology
  • Biodiversity genomics
  • The maintenance of genomic stability
  • Impact of climate change on organismal morphology
  • Why evolution has left humans vulnerable to disease




















Koos Boomsma's research group

Social Evolution

Elodie Briefer's research group

Vertebrate behaviour, emotion, communication and cognition

Hans Henrik Bruun's research group

Community ecology, biodiversity and conservation science

David Nash's research group

Social parasitism, mutualism, coevolution & conservation

Michael Poulsen's research group

Social and symbiotic evolution

Birgitte Regenberg's research group

Exploring the biology of circular DNA

Søren Rosendahl's research group

Molecular fungal ecology

Jonathan Shik's research group

Integrative evolutionary biology

Guojie Zhang's research group

Biodiversity genomics

 Christy Anna Hipsley

Christy Anna Hipsley's research group

Evolutionary Morphology



































Sefa Alizadeh

Laboratory Technician

Rasmus Henrik Amund Henriksen

Research associate

Rasmus Stenbak Larsen

Research associate

Henning Bang Madsen

Research Technician

Sylvia Mathiasen

Laboratory Technician

Tine Simonsen

Laboratory Technician

Bettina Skytte

Senior Advisor




Section for Ecology and Evolution
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Associate Professor David Nash
Phone: +45 3532 1323