Proteomics and Metabolomics Profiling of Pork Exudate Reveals Meat Spoilage during Storage

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Previous studies have evaluated pork quality by omics methods. However, proteomics coupled with metabolomics to investigate pork freshness by using pork exudates has not been re-ported. This study determined the changes in the profiles of peptides and metabolites in exudates from pork stored at different temperatures (25, 10, 4, and −2 °C). Multivariate statistical analysis revealed similar changes in profiles in exudates collected from pork stored at −2 and 4 °C, and additional changes following storage at higher temperatures. We identified peptides from 7 proteins and 30 metabolites differing in abundance between fresh and spoiled pork. Significant correlations between pork quality and most of the peptides from these 7 proteins and 30 metabolites were found. The present study provides insight into changes in the peptide and metabolite profiles of exudates from pork during storage at different temperatures, and our analysis suggests that such changes can be used as markers of pork spoilage.

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Publication statusPublished - 2022

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  • metabolomics, pork exudate, pork quality, proteomics, spoilage markers, temperatures storage

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