Core facilities

Center for Advanced Bioimaging (CAB)

The Center for Advanced Bioimaging (CAB) Denmark was funded by the programme for National Research Infrastructure, based on a proposal which gathered more than 50 research groups, mostly from University of Copenhagen, but also from DTU, AU, and SDU, around two main topics: the interaction between the cell and its microenvironment, comprising nutrients, ions and biomolecules, neighbouring cells, and symbiotic or pathogenic organisms, and genome dynamics including DNA replication and repair, cell cycle control, chromatin structure and transcription, which ultimately controls intracellular signalling and developmental processes. Link to CAB homepage

Biocomputing Core Facility

Adding bioinformatics insights to wet-lab studies can significantly improve their impact, but few labs have the available funding to hire a full time bioinformatician. To address this need the department has established the biocomputing core facility, where the department’s wet-lab researchers can go with jobs that require bioinformatics expertise. Link to Biocomputing homepage