Biocomputing Core Facility

Adding bioinformatics insights to wet-lab studies can significantly improve their impact, but few labs have the available funding to hire a full time bioinformatician. To address this need the department has established the biocomputing core facility, where the department’s wet-lab researchers can go with jobs that require bioinformatics expertise.

Bioinformatics advice 

Currently, the biocomputing core facility administration is not able at providing Bioinformatics advice. We do have a list of external resources that could help you solving main issued you might encounter.

Extensive studies require proper collaborations and are outside the scope of the facility

Wet labs who have ideas for high-impact research requiring an extensive bioinformatics contribution are encouraged to collaborate with BINF:

The facility is meant as a service to scientists

Whether the facility is here to stay depends on how much people like using it, and whether the current model is financially viable. Thus, in the years to come, as we assess the success of the facility, you should expect to see rules and fees adjusted so the facility provides a service which is better in sync with the needs of the scientists in the department.

Access to the facility

The facility is discontinued. All requests will be denied.

Anybody interested in using the facility is welcome to send an email to:

As a user of the Biocomputing Core Facility at Science you are welcome to join the users mail list to receive updates and news from the system administration. Use the following link and fill in the form at the bottom of the page. Please subscribe using your KU email address. 
The Biocomputing Core Facility has an updated wiki where you can find relevant information about the system, a complete user guide and tips for Linux commands. The wiki is accessible for non registered users here: 

To access all the contents please go here: and register with your KU email address.