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 Regulation of vesicle trafficking at the primary cilium
 Forfatter: Stine Kjær MorthorstVejleder: Lotte Bang Pedersen & Søren Tvorup Christensen 26-04-2018
 PGC-1α and the regulation of autophagy and apoptosis
 Forfatter: Maja Munk DethlefsenVejleder: Henriette Pilegaard 24-04-2018
 Mixotrophy and toxicity in harmful microalgae
 Forfatter: Hannah Eva BlossomVejleder: Per Juel Hansen 10-04-2018
 Circular resource flow of wood ash to soil
 Forfatter: Toke Bang-AndreasenVejleder: Rasmus Kjøller & Regin Rønn 16-03-2018
 Organism- and disease-specific atlases of transcription start sites using Cap Analysis of Gene Expression (CAGE)
 Forfatter: Malte ThodbergVejleder: Albin Sandelin 14-03-2018Download
 Synthesis and activity of antimicrobial peptides
 Forfatter: Paola SaporitoVejleder: Anders Løbner Olesen 02-03-2018Download
 Pathophysiological role of purinergic signaling in β-cells and adipocytes
 Forfatter: Marco TozziVejleder: Ivana Novak 28-02-2018
 Antibiotic Drug Discovery. Potentiation of the quinolones and targeting the initiation of DNA replication
 Forfatter: Rasmus Nielsen KlitgaardVejleder: Anders Løbner-Olesen 28-02-2018Download
 Biogenic volatile organic compounds in a changing climate
 Forfatter: Magnus KramshøjVejleder: Riika Rinnan 30-01-2018
 PGC-1α in the exercise training-mediated regulation of hepatic UPR in mice
 Forfatter: Caroline Maag KristensenVejleder: Henriette Pilegaard 04-01-2018
 Bacteriophage interactions with Vibrio anguillarum and the potential for phage therapy in marine aquacult
 Forfatter: Nanna RørboVejleder: Mathias Middelboe 23-12-2017
 Sequence Analysis
 Forfatter: Søren Kaae SønderbyVejleder: Anders Krogh & Ole Winther 21-12-2017Download
 Post-translational modifications of an archaea esterase & rapid analysis and acquisition of NMR relaxation dispersion da...
 Forfatter: Troels Schwarz-LinnetVejleder: Kaare Teilum & Qunxin She 15-12-2017Download
 Social dynamics & adaptive strategies of microbes
 Forfatter: Urvish TrivediVejleder: Søren J. Sørensen 04-12-2017Download
 Characterization of Taurine Transporting Systems During Acquirement of Resistance to Platinum(II)-based, Chemotherapeuti...
 Forfatter: Belinda Halling SørensenVejleder: Ian Henry Lambert & Per Amstrup Pedersen 30-11-2017Download
 The Greenland shark (Somniosus microcephalus) Diet, tracking and radiocarbon age estimates reveal the world’s oldest ver...
 Forfatter: Julius NielsenVejleder: John Fleng Steffensen 30-11-2017
 Looking at Charges in an Uncharged Protein
 Forfatter: Casper HøjgaardVejleder: Jakob Rahr Winther 30-11-2017Download
 Dynamic Properties of Savinase by Integrative Structural Biology — Indications to Structural Stability
 Forfatter: Shanshan WuVejleder: Kaare Teilum 20-11-2017
 The role of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae Rdh54 DNA translocase at kinetochores
 Forfatter: Giedrė BačinskajaVejleder: Michael Lisby 05-10-2017
 Bacteriophage interactions with marine pathogenic Vibrios
 Forfatter: Panagiotis KalatzisVejleder: Mathias Middelboe 01-10-2017
 Arctic emissions of biogenic volatile organic compounds – from plants, litter and soils
 Forfatter: Sarah Hagel SvendsenVejleder: Riikka Rinnan & Anders Michelsen 29-09-2017
 Analysing human genomes at different scales
 Forfatter: Siyang LiuVejleder: Anders Krogh & Anders Albrechtsen 27-09-2017
 Class I Cytokine Receptors: Interactions in the membrane
 Forfatter: Helena SteinocherVejleder: Birthe B. Kragelund 15-09-2017
 The Physiology of Microbial Symbionts in Fungus- Farming Termites
 Forfatter: Rafael Rodrigues da CostaVejleder: Michael Thomas-Poulsen 15-09-2017Download
 Demographic inferences from large-scale NGS data
 Forfatter: Casper-Emil Tingskov PedersenVejleder: Anders Albrechtsen 31-08-2017
 Mechanisms of flood tolerance in wheat and rice. The role of leaf gas films during plant submergence
 Forfatter: Max HerzogVejleder: Ole Pedersen 24-08-2017Download
 Living in the cold – Microbial community and function dynamics in Arctic soils at changing temperature
 Forfatter: Morten Dencker SchostagVejleder: Anders Priemé 01-07-2017
 Biophotonics of diatoms – Linking frustule structure to photobiology
 Forfatter: Johannes Wilhelm GoesslingVejleder: Michael Kühl 18-06-2017Download
 Adaptations in bacterial and fungal communities to termite fungiculture
 Forfatter: Saria OtaniVejleder: Michael Thomas-Poulsen 15-06-2017Download
 Carbon dioxide exchange in the Arctic. The effect of a changing climate on soil carbon turnover in tundra heaths
 Forfatter: Nynne Marie Rand RavnVejleder: Anders Michelsen 02-06-2017Download
 Elucidating the roles of MAP kinases in the moss Physcomitrella patens
 Forfatter: Sabrina StanimirovicVejleder: John Mundy 17-05-2017Download
 Brown adipocyte function. A study of signaling and fuel pathways
 Forfatter: Sally WintherVejleder: Jacob B. Hansen 15-05-2017
 Investigating membrane-bound Argonaute functions in Arabidopsis
 Forfatter: Andrea BarghettiVejleder: Peter Brodersen 15-05-2017
 Implications of the Primary Cilium in Cellular Signaling and Brain Development
 Forfatter: Louise LindbækVejleder: Søren Tvorup Christensen & Lotte Bang Pedersen 02-05-2017
 Regulation of PGC-1α and exercise training-induced metabolic adaptations in skeletal muscle
 Forfatter: Nina BrandtVejleder: Henriette Pilegaard 28-04-2017
 Computational Studies of Drug Resistance. Investigating Binding Affinities and Structural Ensembles of Proteins
 Forfatter: João M. MartinsVejleder: Kresten Lindorff-Larsen 27-04-2017
 Mechanisms Underlying Profibrotic Epithelial Phenotype and Epithelial-Mesenchymal Crosstalk
 Forfatter: Janne Folke BialikVejleder: Stine Falsig Pedersen 21-04-2017
 Co-existence in multispecies biofilm communities
 Forfatter: Henriette Lyng RøderVejleder: Mette Burmølle & Søren J. Sørensen 20-04-2017
 Microscale Canopy Interactions in Aquatic Phototrophs
 Forfatter: Mads LichtenbergVejleder: Michael Kühl 19-04-2017Download
 Structures and Interactions of Proteins in the Brain
 Forfatter: Lau Dalby NielsenVejleder: Kaare Teilum 15-04-2017
 Bioinformatics for discovery of microbiome variation
 Forfatter: Asker Daniel BrejnrodVejleder: Søren Johannes Sørensen 04-04-2017Download
 Interplay of Bacterial Interactions and Spatial Organisation in Multispecies Biofilms
 Forfatter: Wenzheng LiuVejleder: Søren J. Sørensen & Mette Burmølle 31-03-2017
 Population Genetics of Phytophthora infestans
 Forfatter: Melanie MontesVejleder: Søren Rosendahl & Rasmus Kjøller 20-03-2017
 Molecular and phenotypic adaptation in social insect reproductive fl uids
 Forfatter: Joanito LibertiVejleder: Jacobus J. Boomsma 15-03-2017
 Effects of wood ash on soil fungi
 Forfatter: Carla Cruz ParedesVejleder: Rasmus Kjøller 14-03-2017
 Uncovering the roots of paranoid suicidal plants
 Forfatter: Signe LolleVejleder: Morten Petersen 14-03-2017Download
 Unravelling the mechanisms of bacterial interactions in model communities
 Forfatter: Jakob HerschendVejleder: Mette Burmølle & Søren J. Sørensen 15-02-2017Download
 Central mechanisms underlying variability in the behavioral and neuroendocrine responses to stress in fish
 Forfatter: Maria MoltesenVejleder: Torben Dabelsteen 31-01-2017
 Immune Repertoire Characteristics and Dynamics in Cancer
 Forfatter: Xiao LiuVejleder: Karsten Kristiansen 07-01-2017Download
 Effects of harmful algae on the physiology of fishes
 Forfatter: Morten Bo Søndergaard SvendsenVejleder: John Fleng Steffensen 31-12-2016
 Class I cytokine receptors: Structure and function in the membrane
 Forfatter: Katrine BuggeVejleder: Birthe B. Kragelund & Kresten Lindorff-Larsen 15-12-2016
 The Study of Lung Cancer Personalized Medicine Through Circulating Cell free DNA Test
 Forfatter: Mingzhi YeVejleder: Karsten Kristiansen & Jun Wang 15-12-2016
 Stability of Hyperthermophilic Proteins – post-translational modifications and other factors
 Forfatter: Daniel Stiefler-JensenVejleder: Qunxin She & Kaare Teilum 15-12-2016Download
 Building high resolution genetic variation map for Mongolians
 Forfatter: Xiaosen GuoVejleder: Jun Wang & Karsten Kristiansen 15-12-2016
 Understanding Cancer Genome and Its Evolution by Next Generation Sequencing
 Forfatter: Yong HouVejleder: Jun Wang & Karsten Kristiansen 15-12-2016Download
 Evolution of Scale Worms
 Forfatter: Brett Christopher GonzalezVejleder: Katrine Worsaae 05-12-2016Download
 Characterization of membrane protein trafficking and cellular signaling at the primary cilium: implications for cardiomy...
 Forfatter: Johanne Bay MogensenVejleder: Søren Tvorup Christensen & Lotte Bang Pedersen 30-11-2016Download
 Using large-scale public health data to explore the evolutionary biology of human pregnancy and child bearing
 Forfatter: Birgitte HollegaardVejleder: Jacobus J. Boomsma 15-11-2016Download
 Structural analysis of sumoylated proteins in Schizosaccharomyces pombe - with a special focus on the DNA binding...
 Forfatter: Maria Louise Mønster JørgensenVejleder: Geneviève Thon & Karen Skriver 11-11-2016
 The M2 channel – a target for fighting influenza
 Forfatter: Paul SantnerVejleder: Kresten Lindorff-Larsen & Martin Willemoës 21-10-2016
 Hybrid Methods and Atomistic Models to Explore Free Energies, Rates and Pathways of Protein Shape Changes
 Forfatter: Yong WangVejleder: Kresten Lindorff-Larsen 15-10-2016
 Structural and proteomics analyses reveal novel mechanisms and functions of the disordered protein Dss1
 Forfatter: Caio RebulaVejleder: Rasmus Hartmann-Petersen 15-10-2016
 Ubiquitin in signaling and protein quality control
 Forfatter: Sofie Vincents Al-SaoudiVejleder: Rasmus Hartmann-Petersen 15-10-2016
 Spatial distribution of Aquatic Insects
 Forfatter: Lars Lønsmann IversenVejleder: Kaj Sand-Jensen 15-10-2016Download
 Transcriptional diversity and regulation across time and states
 Forfatter: Kristoffer Vitting-SeerupVejleder: Albin Sandelin 30-09-2016Download
 Insulin Resistance. A Fine-Tuned Interplay Between Diet, Intestinal Microbes and Immunity
 Forfatter: Benjamin Holbech JensenVejleder: Karsten Kristiansen 29-09-2016Download
 How a small family of yeast IDPs control complicated processes related to DNA replication – a structural approach
 Forfatter: Riccardo MarabiniVejleder: Birthe B. Kragelund 15-09-2016
 Cellular Mechanisms Regulating Ciliary Disassembly and EMT: Roles of Ion Transport and Implications for Cancer
 Forfatter: Raj Rajeshwar MalindaVejleder: Lotte Bang Pedersen & Stine Falsig Pedersen 09-09-2016
 Computational Investigations of Post-transcriptional Regulation
 Forfatter: Simon Horskjær RasmussenVejleder: Anders Krogh 05-09-2016
 Fasting- and exercise-induced PDH regulation in skeletal muscle
 Forfatter: Anders GudiksenVejleder: Henriette Pilegaard 01-09-2016
 Suppressor Analysis of CRL4Cdt2 Defective and cdc48-353 Temperature Sensitive Mutants in Fission Yeast
 Forfatter: Irina MarinovaVejleder: Olaf Nielsen & Rasmus Hartmann-Petersen 24-08-2016Download
 Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 protease and the emergence of drug resistance
 Forfatter: Nina Rødtness PoulsenVejleder: Martin Willemoës & Kresten Lindorff-Larsen 15-08-2016
 Adaptive Evolution and Demographic History of African Great Apes
 Forfatter: Peter FrandsenVejleder: Hans R. Siegismund & Anders Albrechtsen 13-08-2016
 Mining hot springs for biodiversity and novel enzymes
 Forfatter: Sóley Ruth IslinVejleder: Xu Peng 09-08-2016
 Probabilistic methods for processing high-throughput sequencing signals
 Forfatter: Lasse MarettyVejleder: Anders Krogh 07-07-2016Download
 Probabilistic transcriptome assembly and variant graph genotyping
 Forfatter: Jonas Andreas SibbesenVejleder: Anders Krogh 08-06-2016Download
 Microenvironmental Ecology of Phototrophs from Extreme Environments
 Forfatter: Erik TrampeVejleder: Michael Kühl 15-05-2016Download
 Interactions between prokaryotes and dissolved organic matter in marine waters
 Forfatter: Sachia Jo TravingVejleder: Lasse Riemann 15-05-2016
 Evolution and structure of neuromuscular systems in spiralian meiofauna
 Forfatter: Nicolas Tarik BekkoucheVejleder: Katrine Worsaae 02-05-2016Download
 Bacterial growth physiology. With focus on the tRNA-linked-repeats and tRNA regulation during starvation
 Forfatter: Mette KongstadVejleder: Michael Askvad Sørensen & Sine Lo Svenningsen 30-04-2016Download
 pH-regulatory proteins as potential targets in breast cancer
 Forfatter: Anne Poder AndersenVejleder: Stine Falsig Pedersen 29-04-2016
 Regulation of replication recovery and genome integrity: Cdc48-mediated turnover of Mrc1 and Cmr1 in INQ
 Forfatter: Camilla Skettrup ColdingVejleder: Michael Lisby 27-04-2016
 Regulation of trafficking, membrane retention and turnover of the Na+;HCO3- co-transporter NBCn1 i...
 Forfatter: Christina Wilkens OlesenVejleder: Stine Falsig Pedersen 25-04-2016
 Regulation of Rad51-mediated homologous recombination by BRCA2, DSS1 and RAD52
 Forfatter: Louise JuhlVejleder: Michael Lisby 14-04-2016
 Studies on molecular mechanisms underlying spinocerebellar ataxia type 3
 Forfatter: Line Vildbrad KristensenVejleder: Rasmus Hartmann-Petersen 07-04-2016
 Interplay between diet, gut microbiota, immune cells and energy metabolism in obesity development
 Forfatter: Niels Banhos Danneskiold-SamsøeVejleder: Karsten Kristiansen 31-03-2016
 Implications of social structure
 Forfatter: Josefine Bohr BraskVejleder: Torben Dabelsteen 18-03-2016
 Exploitation strategies in social parasites of fungus growing ants
 Forfatter: Janni Dolby ClementVejleder: David R. Nash 15-03-2016
 Protein kinase signalling in the Moss Physcomitrella patens
 Forfatter: Raquel Azevedo de SilvaVejleder: John Mundy 14-03-2016
 Emission of biogenic volatile organic compounds in the Arctic - The effect of climate change
 Forfatter: Frida LindwallVejleder: Riikka Rinnan & Anders Michelsen 29-02-2016Download
 The role of seafood nutrients and persistent organic pollutants in the development of metabolic diseases
 Forfatter: Annette BernhardVejleder: Karsten Kristiansen & Lise Madsen 15-02-2016
 Applications of cyanobacteria in biofuel production
 Forfatter: Klaus Benedikt MöllersVejleder: Niels-Ulrik Frigaard 31-01-2016
 Blastocystis in a gut microbiota context and aspects of Blastocystis genomics
 Forfatter: Lee Poul O’Brien AndersenVejleder: Anders Krogh 29-01-2016
 The human microbiota in early life. Initial colonization and development
 Forfatter: Martin Steen MortensenVejleder: Søren J. Sørensen & Waleed Abu Al-Soud 29-01-2016Download
 Peptide antibiotics for ESKAPE pathogens
 Forfatter: Thomas Thyge ThomsenVejleder: Kim Rewitz & Anders Løbner-Olesen 04-01-2016Download
 Insights on redox active proteins involved in ER-associated degradation
 Forfatter: Lea Cecilie ChristensenVejleder: Lars Ellgaard 04-01-2016Download
 MAP Kinase 4 substrates and plant innate immunity
 Forfatter: Magnus Wohlfahrt RasmussenVejleder: Morten Petersen 31-12-2015Download
 Coping with Stress: Exploring the use of RNA-based approaches for the study of soil microbial communities
 Forfatter: Ines NunesVejleder: Søren J. Sørensen & Anders Priemé 21-12-2015Download
 Rad51 maintains DNA damage checkpoint signaling in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
 Forfatter: Xuejiao YangVejleder: Michael Lisby 16-12-2015
 Neuromuscular structure, evolution and development in meiofaunal annelids with special focus on Dinophilus gyrociliat...
 Forfatter: Alexandra KerblVejleder: Katrine Worsaae 16-12-2015Download
 Hyperthermophilic archaeal viruses as novel nanoplatforms
 Forfatter: Kristine Buch UldahlVejleder: Xu Peng 15-11-2015Download
 Non-coding RNAs in Arabidopsis
 Forfatter: Miranda van WonterhgemVejleder: Peter Brodersen 02-11-2015
 Metagenomics study on the polymorphism of gut microbiota and their function on human health
 Forfatter: Qiang FengVejleder: Jun Wang & Karsten Kristiansen 18-09-2015Download
 Animal Personality and Mate Preference in American Mink - improving breeding success in captive solitary species
 Forfatter: Christina Lehmkuhl NoerVejleder: Torben Dabelsteen 15-09-2015Download
 STSV2 as a model crenarchaeal virus for studying virus-host interactions and CRISPR-Cas adaptive immunity
 Forfatter: Carlos Leon SobrinoVejleder: Roger A. Garrett 15-09-2015
 Impacts of climate change induced vegetation responses on BVOC emissions from subarctic heath ecosystems
 Forfatter: Hanna ValolahtiVejleder: Riikka Rinnan 07-09-2015
 Development and application of fiber-optic sensors in environmental and life sciences
 Forfatter: Lars RickeltVejleder: Michael Kühl 01-09-2015Download
 pH Regulatory Transporters in Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma
 Forfatter: Su Chii KongVejleder: Stine Falsig Pedersen 31-08-2015Download
 Role of P2X7 receptor in pancreatic cancer progression
 Forfatter: Andrea GiannuzzoVejleder: Ivana Novak 31-08-2015
 Ecology in small aquatic ecosystems
 Forfatter: Mikkel Rene AndersenVejleder: Kaj Sand-Jensen 19-08-2015Download
 The mechanisms of the ecdysone pulses that cause metamorphosis – a Drosophila genome wide screen in the prothorac...
 Forfatter: Morten Erik MøllerVejleder: Kim F. Rewitz 15-08-2015
 The gut microbiota in host metabolism and pathogen challenges
 Forfatter: Jacob Bak HolmVejleder: Karsten Kristiansen & Lise Madsen 14-08-2015Download
 Bio-sustainable Control of the Blue Stain Fungi Aureobasidium pullulans on Exterior Wood Coatings
 Forfatter: Jonas StenbækVejleder: Bo Jensen 04-08-2015Download
 Cl- and K+ channels in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC)
 Forfatter: Daniel Rafael Peter SauterVejleder: Ivana Novak & Else Kay Hoffmann 24-07-2015
 Post-transcriptional gene regulation mediated by small RNAs and ARGONAUTE1 in Arabidopsis
 Forfatter: Laura Arribas-HernandezVejleder: Peter Brodersen 17-07-2015
 RNAi screen in Drosophila melanogastor identifies regulators of steroidogenesis and developmental maturation
 Forfatter: Erik Thomas DanielsenVejleder: Kim Furbo Rewitz 14-07-2015
 Initiation of replication in Escherichia coli: A comprehensive study in regulation of initiation and the interlin...
 Forfatter: Jakob Frimodt-MøllerVejleder: Anders Løbner-Olesen 10-07-2015
 Application of Microarray technology in research and diagnostics: differential expression catalogs and molecular signatu...
 Forfatter: Rehannah Borup Helweg-LarsenVejleder: Ole Winther 23-06-2015
 Molecular Recognition within Synaptic Scaffolds
 Forfatter: Simon ErlendssonVejleder: Kaare Teilum 15-06-2015
 Mechanisms regulating acid-base transporter expression in breast- and pancreatic cancer: contributions to the cancer phe...
 Forfatter: Andrej GorbatenkoVejleder: Stine Falsig Pedersen 12-06-2015
 Dietary protein source and cyclooxygenase-inhibition influence development of diet-induced obesity, glucose homeostasis ...
 Forfatter: Ulrike LiisbergVejleder: Karsten Kristiansen & Lise Madsen 12-06-2015Download
 Inflammatory bowel disease associated with virulence factors in Escherichia coli
 Forfatter: Hengameh Chloé Mirsepasi-LauridsenVejleder: Anders Løbner-Olesen 01-06-2015Download
 Functional characterization of CCHamide and muscarinic acetylcholine receptor signalling in Drosophila melanogaster
 Forfatter: Guilin RenVejleder: Cornelis J.P. Grimmelikhuijzen 28-05-2015Download
 Global dynamics of dispersal and diversification among passerine birds
 Forfatter: Jonathan KennedyVejleder: Carsten Rahbek 15-05-2015Download
 Characterization of the mobilome and microbiome of rat cecum
 Forfatter: Tue Sparholt JørgensenVejleder: Søren J. Sørensen & Lars Hestbjerg Hansen 15-04-2015
 Arctic vegetation under climate change – biogenic volatile organic emissions and leaf anatomy
 Forfatter: Michelle SchollertVejleder: Riikka Rinnan 07-04-2015Download
 Convergent and divergent adaptations of subterranean rodents
 Forfatter: Xiaodong FangVejleder: Anders Krogh 30-03-2015Download
 MHC region and its related disease study
 Forfatter: Hongzhi CaoVejleder: Anders Krogh & Jun Wang 23-03-2015Download
 Exploration of phage-host interactions in the fish pathogen Vibrio anguillarum and antiphage defense strategies...
 Forfatter: Demeng TanVejleder: Mathias Middelboe 16-03-2015Download
 Alternative promoter usage in healthy and inflamed tissue
 Forfatter: Berit LiljeVejleder: Albin Sandelin 15-03-2015Download
 Application of Next Generation Sequencing on Genetic Testing – HLA Genotyping and Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis
 Forfatter: Jian LiVejleder: Jun Wang & Karsten Kristiansen 15-03-2015Download
 Extracellular matrix proteins as drivers of inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis
 Forfatter: Heidi Schiøler SchultzVejleder: Martin W. Berchtold 13-03-2015Download
 CrRNA- protospacer recognition during CRISPR-directed DNA interference Sulfolobus islandicus REY 15A and structural stud...
 Forfatter: Marzieh MousaeiVejleder: Roger Garrett 28-02-2015
 Extracellular ATP in the exocrine pancreas – ATP release, signalling and metabolism
 Forfatter: Justyna Magdalena KowalVejleder: Ivana Novak 27-02-2015
 The Soil Mobilome: A direct approach to study plasmid functional responses to long-term copper contamination
 Forfatter: Wenting LuoVejleder: Søren J. Sørensen, Leise Riber & Lars H. Hansen 17-02-2015Download
 Statistical approaches accommodating uncertainty in modern genomic data
 Forfatter: Line SkotteVejleder: Anders Albrechtsen 15-02-2015Download
 Studying Extrachromosomal Genetic Elements in Sulfolobus
 Forfatter: Guannan LiuVejleder: Roger A. Garrett 15-02-2015Download
 The Application of Next Generation Sequencing Technology on Noninvasive Prenatal Test
 Forfatter: Jiang HuiVejleder: Jun Wang & Karsten Kristiansen 15-02-2015Download
 Identification and investigation of native chromosomal fragile sites in the avian cell line DT40
 Forfatter: Constanze PentzoldVejleder: Michael Lisby & Vibe Østergaard 30-01-2015
 Suppressors of hyperinitiation in Escherichia coli couple DNA replication to precursor biosynthesis and energy me...
 Forfatter: Louise BjørnVejleder: Anders Løbner-Olesen 19-01-2015Download
 Translational Influence on Messenger Stability
 Forfatter: Mette EriksenVejleder: Steen Pedersen 15-01-2015
 Studies on DNA damage response in Sulfolobus islandicus
 Forfatter: Wenyuan HanVejleder: Qunxin She 15-01-2015
 Genetic studies on CRISPR-Cas functions in invader defense in Sulfolobus islandicus
 Forfatter: Wenfang PengVejleder: Qunxin She 08-01-2015Download
 The functional role of TopBP1 in DNA maintenance at mitosis
 Forfatter: Rune Troelsgaard PedersenVejleder: Michael Lisby & Vibe Østergaard 05-01-2015
 Biotic interaction in space and time: the social parasitic Maculinea alcon and its hosts as model system
 Forfatter: Andreas KelagerVejleder: Hans Henrik Bruun & David R. Nash 02-01-2015Download
 Global change effects on plant-soil interactions
 Forfatter: Marie DamVejleder: Søren Christensen 23-12-2014Download
 A high-­‐throughput study of protein relocalization in response to DNA damage and a study of Nat3 and Exo1 protein...
 Forfatter: David Plesner MathiasenVejleder: Michael Lisby 12-11-2014
 Functional characterization and Gene regulation of the archaeal virus SIRV2
 Forfatter: Yang GuoVejleder: Xu Peng 05-11-2014Download
 Ecohydrological investigations of a groundwater-lake system
 Forfatter: Mette Schou FrandsenVejleder: Ole Pedersen 31-10-2014Download
 Skeletal muscle derived IL-6 in liver and adipose tissue metabolism
 Forfatter: Jakob KnudsenVejleder: Henriette Pilegaard 31-10-2014
 Interspecies quorum sensing as a stressanticipation signal in E. coli
 Forfatter: Nina Molin Høyland-KroghsboVejleder: Sine Lo Svenningsen 27-10-2014Download
 Interplay between molecular chaperones and the ubiquitin-proteasome system in targeting misfolded proteins for degradati...
 Forfatter: Esben PoulsenVejleder: Rasmus Hartmann-Petersen 15-10-2014Download
 Investigating ER-associated Degradation with RNAi Screening - and Searching for Model Proteins to Do It with
 Forfatter: Njal Winther JensenVejleder: Lars Ellgaard 01-10-2014
 Aberrant Gene Expression in Acute Myeloid Leukaemia
 Forfatter: Frederik Otzen BaggerVejleder: Anders Krogh 01-10-2014Download
 Flavour compounds in fungi
 Forfatter: Davide RavasioVejleder: Steen Holmberg 01-10-2014Download
 ESBL-Producing Escherichia coli: Antibiotic Selection, Risk Factors and Population Structure
 Forfatter: Frederik Boëtius HertzVejleder: Anders Løbner-Olesen 29-09-2014Download
 The dietary composition and source of macronutrients determine obesity development
 Forfatter: Lene Secher MyrmelVejleder: Karsten Kristiansen & Lise Madsen 15-09-2014Download
 Characterization and manipulation of the reticulated microbiome in vertebrates
 Forfatter: Michael RoggenbuckVejleder: Søren J. Sørensen 15-09-2014Download
 Structure of leptin receptor related with obesity
 Forfatter: Zigmantas ToleikisVejleder: Kaare Teilum 27-08-2014Download
 Marine picoeukaryotes in cold water: diversity and ecology
 Forfatter: Nikolaj SørensenVejleder: Niels Daugbjerg & Katherine Richardson 15-08-2014
 NAC transcription factors in stress responses and senescence: importance of intrinsic disorder and DNA binding
 Forfatter: Charlotte O SheaVejleder: Karen Skriver 12-08-2014Download
 Molecular mechanisms regulating sporulation in the filamentous fungus Ashbya gossypii
 Forfatter: Lisa WasserstromVejleder: Steen Holmberg 06-08-2014Download
 Meiosis and SUMO
 Forfatter: Lærke HolmVejleder: Genevieve Thon 04-08-2014
 Effect of various protein sources on body weight development
 Forfatter: Alexander Krokedal RønnevikVejleder: Karsten Kristiansen & Lise Madsen 01-08-2014Download
 The role of the CRL4Cdt2 target Spd1 in chromosome segregation in fission yeast
 Forfatter: Katrine LandvadVejleder: Olaf Nielsen 25-07-2014
 Interplays between sumoylation, SUMO-targeted Ubiquitin Ligases, and the ubiquitin-adaptor protein Ufd1 in fission yeast...
 Forfatter: Julie Bonne KøhlerVejleder: Geneviève Thon 16-07-2014Download
 Suppressing autoimmunity in Arabidopsis thaliana with dominant negative immune receptors
 Forfatter: Michael Christiaan GreeffVejleder: Morten Petersen 30-06-2014Download
 The evolutionary ecology of multi-queen breeding in ants
 Forfatter: Dóra HuszárVejleder: Jes Søe Pedersen & Jacobus J. Boomsma 15-06-2014Download
 Structure-function studies on the prolactin receptor
 Forfatter: Gitte Wolfsberg HaxholmVejleder: Birthe B. Kragelund 15-06-2014
 Discrimination behavior in the supercolonial pharaoh ant
 Forfatter: Luigi PontieriVejleder: Jes Søe Pedersen 15-06-2014Download
 Dietary protein in the prevention of diet‐induced obesity and co‐morbidities
 Forfatter: Hanne Sørup TastesenVejleder: Karsten Kristiansen & Lise Madsen 15-05-2014Download
 Future challenges and possibilities for the Danish long-line production of blue mussels, Mytilus edilus (L) - wit...
 Forfatter: Pernille NielsenVejleder: Bent Vismann 01-05-2014Download
 Computational approaches to understand transcriptional regulation and alternative promoter usage in mammals
 Forfatter: Mette JørgensenVejleder: Albin Sandelin 22-04-2014Download
 The Biology of Heterotrophic N2-fixing Bacteria in Marine and Estuarine Waters
 Forfatter: Mikkel Bentzon-TiliaVejleder: Lasse Riemann 19-03-2014Download
 Macroecology of environmental change response
 Forfatter: Peter Søgaard JørgensenVejleder: Carsten Rahbek 15-03-2014Download
 Aspects of Ribonucleotide Reductase Regulation and Genome Stability
 Forfatter: Helena Nedergaard NielsenVejleder: Christian Holmberg 14-03-2014
 Filamentous growth in Eremothecium fungi - Molecular characterization of the Ashbya gossypii ARF3 module...
 Forfatter: Therese OskarssonVejleder: Steen Holmberg 13-03-2014Download
 Sociomicrobiology. Bacterial interactions and biofilm formation
 Forfatter: Jonas Stenløkke MadsenVejleder: Søren Johannes Sørensen 01-03-2014
 Exploring microbial communities; composition, interactions and application. Bioinformatical analysis of RNA and DNA
 Forfatter: Lea Skov HansenVejleder: Søren Johannes Sørensen 17-02-2014
 Methods for RNA analysis - Functional investigation of RNA by interaction proteomics and high-throughput transcription s...
 Forfatter: Signe OlivariusVejleder: Jan Christiansen & Jeppe Vinther 17-02-2014Download
 High-throughput sequencing based methods of RNA structure investigation
 Forfatter: Lukasz KielpinskiVejleder: Jeppe Vinther & Jan Christiansen 14-02-2014Download
 Synergistic Interactions in Multispecies Biofilms
 Forfatter: Dawei RenVejleder: Søren Johannes Sørensen & Mette Burmølle 07-02-2014Download
 Molecular basis for Saccharomyces cerevisiae biofilm development
 Forfatter: Kaj Scherz AndersenVejleder: Birgitte Regenberg 04-02-2014Download
 The evolution of exploitation strategies by myrmecophiles
 Forfatter: Sämi SchärVejleder: David Richard Nash 03-02-2014
 Regulation of PDH, GS and insulin signalling in skeletal muscle; effect of physical activity level and inflammation
 Forfatter: Rasmus Sjørup BiensøVejleder: Henriette Pilegaard 31-01-2014Download
 Uncertainty in projected impacts of climate change on biodiversity – A focus on African vertebrates
 Forfatter: Raquel GarciaVejleder: Miguel B. Araújo 15-01-2014Download
 Novel roles of the Na+/H+ exchanger NHE1 and the Na+,HCO3 - cotransporter NBCn1 in cell survival, proliferation and moti...
 Forfatter: Gitte LauritzenVejleder: Stine Falsig Pedersen 09-01-2014Download
 Autophagy and retromer components in plant innate immunity
 Forfatter: David MunchVejleder: John Mundy 06-01-2014Download
 Vocal modification abilities and brain structures in parrots - how do they correlate?
 Forfatter: Solveig Walløe HarpøthVejleder: Torben Dabelsteen 20-12-2013
 Replacing fish oil with vegetable oils in salmon feed increases hepatic lipid accumulation and reduces insulin sensitivi...
 Forfatter: Lisa Kolden MidtbøVejleder: Karsten Kristiansen & Lise Madsen 18-12-2013Download
 Fungal adaptations to mutualistic life with ants
 Forfatter: Pepijn KooijVejleder: Jacobus J. Boomsma & Morten Schiøtt 15-12-2013Download
 The effects of temperature, hypoxia and hypercapnia on the metabolism of Atlantic cod Gadus morhua
 Forfatter: Bjørn TirsgårdVejleder: John Fleng Steffensen 26-11-2013Download
 The prognostic, diagnostic, and therapeutic potential of tumor antigens
 Forfatter: Lars Rønn OlsenVejleder: Anders Krogh 21-11-2013Download
 Probabilistic equilibrium sampling of protein structures from SAXS data and a coarse grained Debye formula
 Forfatter: Christian AndreettaVejleder: Thomas Hamelryck 15-11-2013Download
 Macroecological patterns in the distribution of marine phytoplankton
 Forfatter: Erik Askov MousingVejleder: Katherine Richardson & Marianne Ellegaard 15-10-2013Download
 Vertical distribution of pelagic photosynthesis – implications for marine ecosystem dynamics
 Forfatter: Maren Moltke LyngsgaardVejleder: Katherine Richardson 15-10-2013Download
 Responses of mycorrhizal fungi and other rootassociated fungi to climate change
 Forfatter: Marie MerrildVejleder: Anders Michelsen and Rasmus Kjøller 04-10-2013Download
 KCNK5 in Physiology and Pathophysiology - Focus on Cell Volume Control
 Forfatter: Signe Kirkegaard PetersenVejleder: Else Kay Hoffmann 30-09-2013Download
 Male adaptations and female sperm use in organismal societies of ants and bees
 Forfatter: Marlene StürupVejleder: Jacobus J. Boomsma 15-09-2013Download
 RNAi screening for characterisation of ER-associated degradation pathways in mammalian cells
 Forfatter: David MånssonVejleder: Lars Ellgaard 15-09-2013
 Applications of High Throughput Nucleotide Sequencing
 Forfatter: Johannes WaageVejleder: Jeppe Vinther 01-09-2013Download
 Primary Cilia, Signaling Networks and Cell Migration
 Forfatter: Iben Rønn VelandVejleder: Søren Tvorup Christensen & Karsten Kristiansen 31-08-2013Download
 Second generation sequencing for elucidating the diversity of bacteria and plasmids in soil
 Forfatter: Peter Nikolai HolmsgaardVejleder: Søren J. Sørensen & Lars H. Hansen 15-08-2013
 Evaluating the effectiveness of protected areas for maintaining biodiversity, securing habitats, and reducing threats
 Forfatter: Jonas GeldmannVejleder: Neil D. Burgess 15-08-2013Download
 Role of PGC-1α in acute and low-grade inflammation
 Forfatter: Jesper OlesenVejleder: Henriette Pilegaard 13-08-2013Download
 Antibody affinity maturation based on homologous recombination and molecular display in yeast Saccharomyces cerevisia...
 Forfatter: Mette Louise SkjødtVejleder: Michael Lisby 01-08-2013
 Vision and visual information processing in cubozoans
 Forfatter: Jan BieleckiVejleder: Jens T. Høeg & Anders Garm 30-06-2013
 New aspects of protein stability and turnover in the regulation of genome integrity: the role of Cmr1 and Rad56
 Forfatter: Irene GallinaVejleder: Michael Lisby 17-06-2013
 Pyrosequencing and genetic diversity of microeukaryotes
 Forfatter: Christoffer Bugge HarderVejleder: Flemming Ekelund 17-06-2013
 Health promoting effects of bioactive compounds in plants
 Forfatter: Dorota KotowskaVejleder: Karsten Kristiansen 15-06-2013Download
 Distribution and functional traits of charophytes and vascular plants
 Forfatter: Lars Båstrup-SpohrVejleder: Kaj Sand Jensen 07-06-2013Download
 Live and let die: Effects of physiological stress on viability and composition of bacterial communities in complex envir...
 Forfatter: Luisa LundinVejleder: Søren J. Sørensen 01-06-2013
 Evolution and adaptation of marine annelids in interstitial and cave habitats
 Forfatter: Alejandro Martinez GarciaVejleder: Katrine Worsaae 31-05-2013
 PGC-1alpha in exercise- and exercise training-induced metabolic adaptations
 Forfatter: Stine Ringholm JørgensenVejleder: Henriette Pilegaard 01-05-2013Download
 The interplay between cyclic AMP and insulin during obesity development
 Forfatter: Kamil BorkowskiVejleder: Karsten Kristiansen & Lise Madsen 28-04-2013Download
 Watching single protein molecules in action
 Forfatter: Petur HeidarssonVejleder: Birthe B. Kragelund 15-04-2013Download
 Soil bacterial community responses to global changes
 Forfatter: Lasse BergmarkVejleder: Søren J. Sørensen & Professor Anders Priemé 15-04-2013
 Effects of eutrophication and temperature on submersed rooted plants
 Forfatter: Ane-Marie Løvendahl RaunVejleder: Jens Borum 04-04-2013Download
 The Schizosaccharomyces pombe Mediator. Roles in heterochromatinization and analysis of additional subunits Med9/...
 Forfatter: Michela VenturiVejleder: Steen Holmberg 28-03-2013Download
 Inference problems in structural biology: protein structures and protein structure ensembles
 Forfatter: Simon OlssonVejleder: Thomas Hamelryck 26-03-2013Download
 Monitoring aquatic environments with autonomous systems
 Forfatter: Jesper Aagaard ChristensenVejleder: Kirsten S. Christoffersen 28-02-2013Download
 Accessory Proteins at ERES - Assembly of ER exit sites is regulated by interactions of p125A with lipid signals
 Forfatter: David KlinkenbergVejleder: Lars Ellgaard 26-02-2013Download
 A study of bacterial gene regulatory mechanisms
 Forfatter: Sabine HansenVejleder: Sine Lo Svenningsen 04-02-2013
 Studies of archaeal virus-host systems in thermal environments
 Forfatter: Susanne ErdmannVejleder: Roger Garrett 01-02-2013Download
 Response of Escherichia coli to nutrient availability during cultivation at single cell level
 Forfatter: Shanshan HanVejleder: Søren J. Sørensen 15-01-2013Download
 Soil fungal community responses to global changes
 Forfatter: Merian Skouw HaugwitzVejleder: Anders Priemé & Anders Michelsen 15-01-2013Download
 Cardio-respiratory Physiology of the European Eel (Anguilla anguilla) in Extreme Environments
 Forfatter: Caroline MethlingVejleder: John Fleng Steffensen 15-01-2013Download
 The White, the Brite and the Brown. Adipocytes as central players in whole-body metabolism
 Forfatter: Lone Møller PedersenVejleder: Karsten Kristiansen 15-01-2013Download
 Modelling the impact of roads on regional population of Moor frogs (Rana arvalis)
 Forfatter: Maj-Britt PontoppidanVejleder: Gösta Nachman 15-01-2013Download
 Identification and Characterization of the Novel p97 co-factors, Rep8 and ASPL
 Forfatter: Louise Kjær KlausenVejleder: Rasmus Hartmann-Petersen 01-12-2012Download
 Toxin production in Dinophysis and the fate of these toxins in marine mussels
 Forfatter: Lasse Tor NielsenVejleder: Per Juel Hansen 30-11-2012
 Genetic engineering of cyanobacteria
 Forfatter: Jacob JacobsenVejleder: Niels-Ulrik Frigaard 30-11-2012Download
 The role of purinergic signalling in exocrine pancreas
 Forfatter: Kristian Agmund HaanesVejleder: Ivana Novak 30-11-2012
 Fungal degradation of pesticides - construction of microbial consortia for bioremediation
 Forfatter: Lea Ellegaard-JensenVejleder: Søren Rosendahl 15-11-2012Download
 Bacterial Degradation of Pesticides – Construction of Microbial Consortia for Bioremediation
 Forfatter: Berith Elkær KnudsenVejleder: Søren Rosendahl 15-11-2012Download
 Immunity in the moss Physcomitrella patens
 Forfatter: Simon BressendorffVejleder: John Mundy 01-11-2012Download
 Effects of macronutrient composition and cyclooxygenase-inhibition on diet-induced obesity, low grade inflammation and g...
 Forfatter: Even FjæreVejleder: Karsten Kristiansen & Lise Madsen 31-10-2012Download
 Computational Protein Design
 Forfatter: Kristoffer JohanssonVejleder: Jakob Rahr Winther 31-10-2012Download
 Studies on the directionality of mating-type switching in Schizosaccharomyces pombe
 Forfatter: Tadas JakociunasVejleder: Geneviève Thon 21-09-2012
 Towards an Understanding of the Role of Matriptase in Normal Physiology
 Forfatter: Sine GodiksenVejleder: Lone Rønnov-Jessen 17-09-2012Download
 Disease challenges and defences in leaf-cutting ants
 Forfatter: Sze Huei ZoeVejleder: Jacobus J. Boomsma 15-09-2012Download
 Characterising the CRISPR immune system in Archaea using genome sequence analysis
 Forfatter: Shiraz ShahVejleder: Roger A. Garrett 15-09-2012Download
 Ichthyotoxic algae and their effects on fish
 Forfatter: Nikolaj Gedsted AndersenVejleder: Per Juel Hansen 01-08-2012Download
 Physical and Functional Properties of messenger RNA Pseudoknots
 Forfatter: Jesper Tholstrup HansenVejleder: Michael Askvad Sørensen 02-07-2012Download
 Studies on cartilage extracellular matrix – composition and functions in chondrocyte differentiation
 Forfatter: Catharina MüllerVejleder: Anders Aspberg 08-06-2012
 Characterization of a Bacillus licheniformis gene cluster required for functional expression of a bacteriocin
 Forfatter: Sara LundströmVejleder: Michael Askvad Sørensen 31-05-2012Download
 Osmoregulation | With Focus on Fluid and Solute Dynamics in Tardigrada
 Forfatter: Kenneth HalbergVejleder: Nadja Møbjerg 14-05-2012Download
 Energy Pathways in Food Webs of Arctic Ponds
 Forfatter: Matteo CazzanelliVejleder: Kirsten S. Christoffersen 15-04-2012
 Dietary protein - Effect of amount, source and form on development of diet-induced obesity
 Forfatter: Haldis LillefosseVejleder: Karsten Kristiansen & Lise Madsen 15-04-2012
 Computational Cancer Biology: From Carcinogenesis to Metastasis
 Forfatter: Bogumil KaczkowskiVejleder: Anders Krogh and Ole Winther 15-04-2012Download
 Mechanisms underlying ATP regulated ion transport in human pancreatic duct cells
 Forfatter: Jing WangVejleder: Ivana Novak 30-03-2012
 Ecosystem-Based Management of Coastal Eutrophication - Connecting Science, Policy and Society
 Forfatter: Jesper AndersenVejleder: Jens Borum 19-03-2012Download
 Inferential Determination of Protein Structure from Small-Angle X-ray Scattering Data
 Forfatter: Kasper StovgaardVejleder: Thomas Hamelryck & Anders Krogh 01-03-2012
 On Gene Regulation in Eukaryotes. Computational approaches to decipher transcriptional regulation at genetic and epigene...
 Forfatter: Xiaobei ZhaoVejleder: Albin Sandelin 01-02-2012
 Interfering with membrane type matrix metalloproteases in processes of extracellular matrix turnover
 Forfatter: Signe IngvarsenVejleder: Karen Skriver 16-01-2012
 Recognition of identity in social insects from perception to learning of chemical cues
 Forfatter: Nick BosVejleder: Patrizia d’Ettorre 15-01-2012
 Dynamics of ant-microbial interactions. Coevolution along the parasitism-mutualism continuum
 Forfatter: Sandra Breum AndersenVejleder: David P. Hughes & Jacobus J. Boomsma 15-12-2011Download
 Demographic History and Phylogeography of Large African Mammals
 Forfatter: Rasmus HellerVejleder: Hans R. Siegismund 15-12-2011Download
 Identification of important interactions between subchondral bone turnover and cartilage degradation in the pathogenesis...
 Forfatter: Suzi Høgh MadsenVejleder: Søren Tvorup Christensen 15-11-2011Download
 Plankton community structure in a West Greenland fjord - influenced by the Greenland Ice Sheet
 Forfatter: Kristine Engel ArendtVejleder: Per Juel Hansen 01-10-2011Download
 Structure-function relationship of barley senescence-associated NAC transcription factors
 Forfatter: Trine KjærsgaardVejleder: Karen Skriver 30-09-2011
 Discovery of Novel Neuropeptide Signaling Systems in Arthropods
 Forfatter: Karina Kiilerich HansenVejleder: Cornelis J. P. Grimmelikhuijzen 15-08-2011
 Hypoxia and Acidosis – A study of myocardial ischemia/reperfusion and cardioprotection in the murine atrial cardiomyocyt...
 Forfatter: Ann-Dorit AndersenVejleder: Stine Falsig Pedersen 20-07-2011Download
 The obesogenic effects of polyunsaturated fatty acids are dependent on background diets
 Forfatter: Tao MaVejleder: Karsten Kristiansen & Lise Madsen 15-07-2011Download
 Plant microbe interaction. The suitors struggle for favour
 Forfatter: Jan JoensenVejleder: John Mundy 15-07-2011Download
 Aspects of Cellulose Degradation by Brown Rot Fungi
 Forfatter: Anne Steenkjær HastrupVejleder: Bo Jensen 15-06-2011Download
 The role of Hes1 in pancreas development. Expression, Interdependancy and Notch signalling
 Forfatter: Rasmus KlinckVejleder: Olaf Nielsen 31-05-2011Download
 Oxygen dynamics and plant-sediment interactions in isoetid communities following organic enrichment
 Forfatter: Claus Lindskov MøllerVejleder: Kaj Sand-Jensen 25-05-2011Download
 The molecular and developmental basis of bodyplan patterning in Sipuncula and the evolution of segmentation
 Forfatter: Alen KristofVejleder: Andreas Wanninger 15-04-2011Download
 Probabilistic methods inmacromolecular structure prediction
 Forfatter: Jes FrellsenVejleder: Thomas Hamelryck 07-03-2011
 PDH regulation in skeletal muscle
 Forfatter: Kristian KiilerichVejleder: Henriette Pilegaard 17-12-2010Download
 Comparative neurogenesis, muscle development, and gene expression analyses in Brachiopoda
 Forfatter: Andreas AltenburgerVejleder: Andreas Wanninger 15-12-2010Download
 In situ gene expression and ecophysiology of thermophilic Cyanobacteria
 Forfatter: Sheila Ingemann JensenVejleder: Michael Kühl 15-11-2010
 Functional analysis of proteins involved in actin cytoskeleton organization in Ashbya gossypii and Candida alb...
 Forfatter: Sigyn JordeVejleder: Steen Holmberg 04-11-2010Download
 The Role of Microtubule End Binding (EB) Proteins in Ciliogenesis
 Forfatter: Jacob Morville SchrøderVejleder: Lotte Bang Pedersen 31-10-2010Download
 The invasion biology and sociogenetics of pharaoh ants
 Forfatter: Anna Mosegaard SchmidtVejleder: Jes Søe Pedersen & Jacobus J. Boomsma 15-08-2010Download
 Ecological genetics and evolution of the Large Blue butterfly – consequences of an extraordinary lifecycle
 Forfatter: Line Vej UgelvigVejleder: Jacobus J. Boomsma and David R. Nash 15-08-2010
 Bacterial reduction of mercury in the high arctic
 Forfatter: Annette Klæstrup MøllerVejleder: Søren J. Sørensen 15-08-2010Download
 The Life-cycle of Sandeel - Adaptations to a seasonal environment, from the perspective of a forage fish
 Forfatter: Mikael van DeursVejleder: John Fleng Steffensen 14-08-2010Download
 Ecosystem-atmosphere exchange of carbon in a heathland under future climatic conditions
 Forfatter: Merete Bang SelstedVejleder: Anders Michelsen 15-07-2010Download
 Functional analysis of Candida albicans genes encoding SH3-domain containing proteins
 Forfatter: Patrick ReijnstVejleder: Steen Holmberg 15-07-2010Download
 Anatomy, ontogeny, and evolution of the cephalopod central nervous system
 Forfatter: Tim WollesenVejleder: Andreas Wanninger 15-07-2010
 Making Sense of Protists – aspects of phototaxis and chemo sensory behavior
 Forfatter: Morten MoldrupVejleder: Per Juel Hansen 06-07-2010Download
 Structure and dynamics of marine macrozoobenthos in Greenland - and the link to environmental drivers
 Forfatter: Martin Emil BlicherVejleder: Ronnie N. Glud 15-06-2010
 Species distributions and climate change - linking the past and the future
 Forfatter: Irina LevinskyVejleder: Carsten Rahbek 15-05-2010Download
 Geographical ranges in macroecology: Processes, patterns and implications
 Forfatter: Michael Krabbe BorregaardVejleder: Carsten Rahbek 15-05-2010Download
 Mechanisms underlying KCNQ1channel cell volume sensitivity
 Forfatter: Sofia HammamiVejleder: Niels J. Willumsen and Ivana Novak 10-05-2010Download
 Mixotrophic Protists among Marine Ciliates and Dinoflagellates: Distribution, Physiology and Ecology
 Forfatter: Woraporn TarangkoonVejleder: Per Juel Hansen 29-04-2010Download
 Meta-analysis of carrying capacity and abundance-area relationships in marine fish species
 Forfatter: Irene MantzouniVejleder: Henrik Gislason and Brian R. MacKenzie 26-04-2010
 Song complexity in common blackbirds – an honest signal of male quality?
 Forfatter: Nana HeslerVejleder: Torben Dabelsteen 15-04-2010
 FGF-signalling in the differentiation of mouse ES cells towards definitive endoderm
 Forfatter: Janny Landegent PeterslundVejleder: Berthe M. Willumsen 15-03-2010Download
 Migration and breeding biology of Arctic terns in Greenland
 Forfatter: Carsten EgevangVejleder: Carsten Rahbek 15-03-2010Download
 Identification and Characterisation of a Proteasome-Associated Thioredoxin
 Forfatter: Katrine AndersenVejleder: Rasmus Hartmann-Petersen 15-02-2010
 Species distributions and climate change: current patterns and future scenarios for biodiversity
 Forfatter: Christian HofVejleder: Carsten Rahbek 15-02-2010Download
 Bioinformatical approaches to RNA structure prediction & Sequencing of an ancient human genome
 Forfatter: Stinus LindgreenVejleder: Anders Krogh and Paul P. Gardner 29-01-2010Download
 RNAi-mediated Therapy & Preliminary Data on The Role of TGIF in Hematopoiesis
 Forfatter: Anton WillerVejleder: Olaf Nielsen 15-01-2010
 Modelling the effects of climate change, species interactions and fisheries – towards Ecosystem-based Fisheries Manageme...
 Forfatter: Martin LindegrenVejleder: Michael Olesen 08-01-2010
 Deciphering Transcriptional Regulation
 Forfatter: Eivind ValenVejleder: Albin Sandelin and Anders Krogh 15-12-2009Download
 The characterization of new hormonal systems in arthropods with a focus on neuropeptide GPCRs
 Forfatter: Elisabeth StafflingerVejleder: Cornelis J. P. Grimmelikhuijzen 15-12-2009
 Primary Cilia and Coordination of Signaling Pathways in Heart Development and Tissue Homeostasis
 Forfatter: Christian Alexandro ClementVejleder: Søren Tvorup Christensen 15-11-2009Download
 Downstream events of neurogenin 3 in pancreatic endocrine differentiation
 Forfatter: Louise Rosenberg ChristVejleder: Olaf Nielsen 15-10-2009Download
 Volume Regulated Channels
 Forfatter: Thomas Kjær KlausenVejleder: Else Kay Hoffmann and Stine Falsig Pedersen 02-10-2009Download
 Interleukin 21 in cancer and immunotherapy
 Forfatter: Henrik SøndergaardVejleder: Niels Ødum 01-10-2009Download