Climate-smart African rice

We will identify novel genes or QTLs involved in flood or salinity tolerance to breed climate-smart rice cultivars for East Africa. We use African rice and wild rice relatives to uncover trait capacities for flood or salinity tolerance. The project output is 1-2 high-yielding rice cultivars that helps sustain rice production under abiotic stress.

Professor Ole Pedersen coordinator of Climate-smart rice explains: We have gathered leading scientists in the field with the aim of delivering modern rice cultivars to farmers in Africa in order to ease the calamities of the ongoing climate changes. This project will also result in novel scientific discoveries and thereby strengthen research in Africa and Denmark.
























Name Title Phone E-mail
Elisa Pellegrini Postdoc +4550138237 E-mail
Lucas León Peralta Ogorek PhD Fellow +4530222788 E-mail
Max Herzog Postdoc +4535336020 E-mail
Ole Pedersen Professor +4523747641 E-mail

Funded by

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Funding: DKK 12m from Danida
Period: April 2020 to March 2025
PI: Professor Ole Pedersen


Professor Ole Pedersen
Freshwater Biology Section
Department of Biology
Universitetsparken 4
DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø

Phone: +45 23 74 76 41

External members

Name Affiliation E-mail
Susan Nchimbi Msolla Sokoine University of Agriculture, Tanzania E-mail
Abdelbagi Ismail International Rice Research Institute, Kenya E-mail