Back to the future for lakes and streams at "Erik den Rødes land" (West Greenland)

Narsaq landscape. Photo: Ole Geertz-Hansen

The backbone of the project is two-fold: revisit freshwater locations around Narsaq in South Greenland to investigate the current conditions and to evaluate possible changes since they were first studied 45 years ago, and to provide a research infrastructure involving local citizen and research institutions in Greenland and Denmark.

The project takes advantage of high quality but almost forgotten studies of lakes and rivers in a low Arctic environment. The historical data will be analysed and combined with data from a new survey using up to date techniques it can add to our understanding of how freshwater ecosystems react to climatic changes. Kirsten S. Christoffersen explains: This project has great potential and can unite historical and present knowledge to guide us towards new insight.







Name Title Phone E-mail
Dean Jacobsen Associate Professor +4535330132 E-mail
Kirsten Seestern Christoffersen Professor +4535330123 E-mail
Lars Båstrup-Spohr Assistant Professor - Tenure Track +4535321166 E-mail
Sanne Mariël Moedt PhD Fellow +4535321128 E-mail
Trine Warming Perlt Academic Research Staff +4535330127 E-mail

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Period: 2020-2022
PI: Kirsten S. Christoffersen


Professor Kirsten S. Christoffersen
Freshwater Biology Section
Universitetsparken 4
DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø, Denmark
Phone: +45 35 33 01 23
Mobile: +45 23 42 04 22

External members

Name Affiliation
Ole Geertz-Hansen Rambøll
Tenna Riis Aarhus University
Josephine Nymand Greenland Institute of Natural Resources
Frank Riget Greenland Institute of Natural Resources