Oxygen, carbon and ecosystem metabolism in lakes and streams

Photosynthesis, respiration and air-water exchange are the main processes behind ecosystem metabolism. We apply sensor measurements of oxygen, inorganic carbon, nutrient and algal biomass in the free water and meteorological measurements of light, wind, temperature to calculate ecosystem metabolim and the main drivers behind ecosystem metabolism and concentrations of oxygen and carbon dioxide.

We can use the research to reveal: 1. Why anoxia and fish kills occur, 2. How eutrophication can influence carbon dioxide exchange with the atmosphere, 3. How closely respiration is coupled to organismic production within the system or transfer from outside. We have recently showed how a carbon circulation pump, offering recurring regeneration of inorganic carbon, can ensure high photosynthetic production of macrophytes in nutrient-poor waters


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Period: 2017-2020
PI: Kaj Sand-Jensen


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