Inducible barriers to radial oxygen loss in plant roots

We will assess the delicate balance between anaerobic metabolites acting as signalling molecules for the formation of a barrier to radial oxygen loss and the toxicity of these metabolites when acting as phytotoxins. The findings are likely to result in a change in paradigm so that the barrier may be seen as a feature protecting against toxins.

"We are excited about the opportunities to further study this Jack of all trades – the root barrier to radial oxygen loss. The barrier has other functions that we intend to unravel using cutting-edge technologies available in Denmark, Japan and Australia" explains project coordinator Professor Ole Pedersen.





























Name Title Phone E-mail
Elisa Pellegrini Postdoc +4550138237 E-mail
Lucas León Peralta Ogorek PhD Fellow +4530222788 E-mail
Max Herzog Postdoc +4535336020 E-mail
Ole Pedersen Professor +4523747641 E-mail

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Funding: DKK 2,6m from DFF and DKK 1,7m from EU Horizon 2020
Period: Oct 2018 to Sept 2022
PI: Professor Ole Pedersen


Professor Ole Pedersen
Freshwater Biology Section
Department of Biology
Universitetsparken 4
DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø

Phone: +45 23 74 76 41

External members

Name Affiliation
Professor Mikio Nakazono Nagoya University, Nagoya, Japan
Professor Timothy D Colmer University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia
Assoc. Prof. Valentino Casolo University of Udine, Italy