Ole Bjørn Brodnicke

Ole Bjørn Brodnicke

PhD fellow

As a sailor I always had a passion for the ocean. Through my research on the Great Barrier Reef on climate change impacts and my exchange James Cook University in Australia I focused my professional attention on tropical marine biology mainly working on coral reefs. Through my research stay at the Australian Institute of Marine Science and research trips to the Maldives with Derby University (England) I learned the leading-edge theoretical and practical knowgledge of corals and the coral reef ecosystem.

Currently, I am investigating climate change impacts, especially reef degradation, on the benthic fauna of coral reefs. My focus is on the understudied cryptobenthic reef fish, which are important for the high productivtity of coral reef. In my inovative approach using eDNA and speciment DNA samples I will describe changes in community, genetic connectivity and food web dynamics linking in benthic meio- and macrofauna and contrasting these to environmetal parametres. Through this study I can evaluate climate change impacts on benthic reef productivty and potential extinction risks of the cryptobethic reef fishes.

Selected publications

  1. Published

    Unravelling the links between heat stress, bleaching and disease: fate of tabular corals following a combined disease and bleaching event

    Brodnicke, Ole Bjørn, Bourne, D. G., Heron, S. F., Pears, R. J., Stella, J. S., Smith, H. A. & Willis, B. L., 2019, In: Coral Reefs. 38, 4, p. 591-603 13 p.

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ID: 235124606