MSc theses

Weikun Liu
Efficient Simulation of realistic Quantum Dot Arrays
Date: 29-09-2023

Yun Qin
Cross-species comparison of conserved neuron cell types important in spatial processing
Date: 14-09-2023

Yaxin Jing
Exploring the mediation of insulin resistance variants in their risk of type 2 diabetes according to their associations with adiposity and body composition
Date: 14-09-2023

Olivia Simone Jørgensen
Pangenome analysis in Rice
Date: 30-08-2023

Francisca Sanchez Neves d S Alves
A Comparative Analysis of Kinship Inference Software in Bioinformatics for Accurate Relationship Assessment
Date: 25-08-2023

Shanshan He
Single-cell Mosaic Data Integration of Human Liver and Muscle using the 10X Multiome
Date: 08-08-2023

Anja Bering Vejdiksen
Analyzing full-length RNAs from a new Oxford nanopore sequencing protocol
Date: 26-06-2023

Michaela Válková
Supervised Machine Learning in Migraine
Date: 22-06-2023

David Rodriguez Morales
A-to-I RNA Editing: computational detection and involvement in the development of cardiomyocytes
Date: 22-06-2023

Victor Emil Møller
Unveiling Sodium Leak Channel regulation: In Silico Predictions of Potential Interfaces and Interaction Partners for the NALCN channel complex
Date: 22-06-2023

Rebecca Distefano
Identification of dysregulated protein-coding and lncRNA genes induced by doxorubicin treatment: unveiling regulatory mechanisms and advancing resources for lncRNA research
Date: 22-06-2023

Weizhe Zhang
A Comprehensive Investigation of DNA Methylation Biomarkers in Asthma and Allergic Rhinitis
Date: 20-06-2023

Gerardo José Rodríguez Alarcón
Influence of body size changes from childhood to adulthood on mental and cardiovascular health: Exploring genetic perspectives
Date: 20-06-2023

Shuqing Han
Benchmarking Variant Effect Predictors for GPCRs based on cell-based pharmacological measurements and phenotype association summary statistics
Date: 19-06-2023

Pablo Atienza Lopez
MsC in Bioinformatics Thesis: Metagenome-sequencing analysis of the fecal microbiome of patients with optic neurits and multiple sclerosis
Date: 19-06-2023

Naiyu Hu
Ultra-fast metaproteomics profiling of human saliva using PASEF DIA
Date: 18-06-2023

Jonas Blomquist Jørgensen
Exploring B-cell receptor repertoires
Date: 16-06-2023

Jule Anne Drewalowski
Comparative analysis of genome size across syngnathiform fishes
Date: 16-06-2023

Isabel Marleen Pötzsch
Tree-sequence-based inference of demographic models via Approximate Bayesian Computation
Date: 15-06-2023

Finnja Hendrike Becker
Identification of cell type-specific open chromatin regions based on single-cell profiling of human hypothalamus tissue
Date: 14-06-2023

No Name No Name
Range-wide population genomics of bowhead whales
Date: 14-06-2023

Yulin Sun
The genetic consequences of introgression between polar and brown bears
Date: 14-06-2023

Conor O'Hare
Palaeogenomics of llama and alpaca from Atacama desert
Date: 14-06-2023

Lan Hoa Diep
Variational Autoencoder on multi-omics data: Learning representations and associations in obesity
Date: 13-06-2023

Zhuyang Lin
Multimodal Deep Generative Decoder
Date: 13-06-2023

Xinyuan Liu
Metagenomic Binning using Graph Neural Network
Date: 13-06-2023

Aleksandra Laura Pach
Challenges and prospects for palaeodietary reconstruction using shotgun metagenomics
Date: 13-06-2023

Taraneh Strunk
RNA Velocity of Cell Hashing Data
Date: 12-06-2023

Eoghan Thomas Reilly
Exploring analysis techniques for imaging-based spatial transcriptomic data
Date: 12-06-2023

Nuno Bischofberger
Single-cell analysis of gamma-delta T cell repertoires in African volunteers
Date: 09-06-2023

Luca Robinson
Gene set enrichment analysis as a clinical tool for cancer diagnostics
Date: 08-06-2023

Javier Sánchez Lorente
Effects of RNA Editing on Drug Targeted Proteins
Date: 08-06-2023

Jaime Moreno Martinez
Identification of ligand-receptor interactions in CKD and NASH through the integration of single cell and spatial transcriptomics
Date: 08-06-2023

Yichen Wang
Key Points Prediction and Explanation Using ViT for Facial Expression Analysis in Mice
Date: 13-04-2023

María José Romero Lado
Genetic Basis of Increased Adiposity and Low Lean Mass: Body Composition and Cardiometabolic Implications
Date: 27-03-2023

Valeria Goffert
Advanced Computational Variant Prioritisation and Analysis for Patients Suspected of Inherited Bleeding Disorders - a Clinical Genomics Pipeline
Date: 28-02-2023

Ignasi Andreu Godall
Elucidating spaced k-mers & autoencoders in Bioinformatics
Date: 25-01-2023

Henrietta Holze
Single-Cell Proteomics and Transcriptomics Analysis of Acute Myeloid Leukemia
Date: 24-01-2023

Jan Nart
Genome wide association study of chromosome X for metabolic phenotypes and RNA-seq data of 4630 Greenland Inuit
Date: 13-01-2023

Siyuan Guo
Understanding plasma proteomics LC-MS raw data with Advanced Deep Learning Strategies
Date: 20-12-2022

Ziwei Xu
Supervoxel agglomeration and cell tracking problem solved jointly
Date: 01-11-2022

Dovyas Vaitkus
Are molecular mechanics enough to predict glycosylation specificity by glycosyltransferases?
Date: 03-10-2022

Mònica Aguilà I Sans
Orphan Cas - Viral Subversion of Host Defense via Molecular Piracy of Immune Components
Date: 03-10-2022

Alvaro Bustos Gutierrez
Analysis of somatic mitochondrial mutations in public scRNA-seq data to investigate clonal expansion in human atherosclerosis
Date: 21-09-2022

Ioannis Louloudis
Advanced Computational Variant Prioritisation and Analysis of Patients Suspected of Inherited Bleeding Disorders - a Clinical Genomics Pipeline
Date: 07-09-2022

Maria Matorra Miguel
Implementation of a new algorithm for the classification of germline genetic variants obtained by NGS. Comparison to other classification software and case examples
Date: 02-09-2022

Alexander Munk Welford
A graph based approach for generating multiple structure alignments of RNA, based on consistently aligned positions in pairwise alignments
Date: 30-06-2022

Valentas Brasas
Clinical interpretation of genetic variants using evolutionary data and deep learning models of VAE, AAE, GAN
Date: 29-06-2022

Tim Møller Eyrich
The Combined Impact of Common Genetic Variants on LDL Cholest
Date: 28-06-2022

Brede Aksdal Sørland
Risk markers for microvascular complications in individuals with type 1 diabetes - a metabolomics approach
Date: 28-06-2022

Thomas Gade Koefoed
Cell-type-specific stratification of polygenic
Date: 28-06-2022

Caroline Linnea Elin Lennartsson
Investigating functions of short ORFs-derived small proteins using deep learning
Date: 27-06-2022

Arman Simonyan
Towards automated decision support for inclusion in Phase 1 clinical trials based on transcriptomic and pharmacogenomic data
Date: 24-06-2022

Rachael Marie De Vries
Investigating Disease Representation in Single-Cell RNA-Sequencing Data with Deep Generative Models
Date: 21-06-2022

Mads Kristian Holm
A global analysis of multiply substituted variants to improve protein function
Date: 21-06-2022

Zelin Li
Should we treat articles equally? Introducing article weights in text mining of the scientific literature
Date: 17-06-2022

Xiqing Mao
Detecting the different types of relationships between lifestyle factors and diseases with deep learning
Date: 17-06-2022

Roosa Katariina Varjus
From clinical to mobile AI-based dermatological diagnosis using deep adversarial domain adaptat
Date: 16-06-2022

Jiajun He
Deep Ancestral Protein Sequence Reconstruction: Latent Tree, Learnable Alignment and Mini-batch Train
Date: 16-06-2022

Raquel  Sanz Martinez
Different Transcriptomic Profiles in Pre-conceptional Endometrium from Women with Recurrent Pregnancy Loss
Date: 15-06-2022

Wenqi Wang
Tissue isolation in spatial epigenomics data using image process
Date: 15-06-2022

Cas  Blaauw
Building NetOGlyc 5.0: Transfer learning with protein language models for O-GalNAc glycosylation prediction
Date: 14-06-2022

Anna Magdalena  Klarkowska
Activity-by-contact modelling of gene regulatory interactions informed by transcriptional activity
Date: 13-06-2022

Signe Kjærsgaard  Schierbech
Improved putative BGC resolution across Termitomyces genera through manual gene searching
Date: 10-06-2022

Shuxin He
Classify RNA Exosome Sensitive Internal CAGE Promoters by Using Exosome-Independent Mean
Date: 09-06-2022

Binhuan Sun
Predictive power of predicted TFBSs for cell specificity of enhancers in cell-type facets
Date: 09-06-2022

Sejun  Kim
Inferring Gene Regulatory Network during Cellular State Transition in Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma
Date: 22-04-2022

Jakob Sture Madsen
Investigation into G-protein-coupled receptor genetic variants in the UK Biobank
Date: 26-01-2022

Bowen Xiao
Benchmarking RIsearch3 for RNA-RNA interactions between two transcriptomes
Date: 26-01-2022

Malte  Juhl-Vollers
Hardness of Linkage Problems
Date: 14-01-2022

Markus  Scharnagl
Evaluating the addition of Modern Hopfield networks to a Transformer Neural Network applied to Protein Secondary Structure Prediction
Date: 15-12-2021

Michael Lawrence  Widdowson
Investigating the environmental distribution of Phage Inducible Chromosomal Islands
Date: 10-12-2021

Shahriyar Mahdi  Robbani
Expanding the Portfolio of Graph Analyses Methods in PyInteraph
Date: 09-11-2021

Xiaoyu Liu
The Multi-omics Analysis of Profiling Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) gut microbial features
Date: 08-11-2021

Danfei Zhu
Identifying Driver Mutations of Cell Clustering in AML
Date: 04-10-2021

Yuejiao Huang
Mining ancient viral pathogen DNA: a bioinformatics workflow for recovering ultra-low coverage genom
Date: 14-09-2021

Xuening He
Using autoencoder for dimensionality reduction to address covariate shift in transcriptomic data
Date: 10-09-2021

Lei Huang
Demographic Modelling of Early Eurasians with Allele Count Data
Date: 09-09-2021

Martina Cardinali
Gene regulatory networks and lineage trajectories: insights on early human neural development
Date: 06-09-2021

Katja Johansen
Text mining of pharmacologically relevant human protein complexes
Date: 27-08-2021

Jean-Baptiste Michel P Van Den Broucke
Engineering protein double mutants with convolutional neural networks
Date: 10-08-2021

Stefano Pellegrini
Development of a supervised machine learning tool to infer active regulatory elements from transcription initiation events
Date: 12-07-2021

Niamh Emily Eleanor Lacy-Roberts
Molecular Piracy of Orphan Cas Proteins by Anti-CRISPRs
Date: 25-06-2021

Richard Michael
Predictive Protein Property Modeling through Gaussian Processes and Encoding Methods
Date: 24-06-2021

Liis Kivistik
Evaluating task- and resting-state functional connectivity differences in major depressive disorder and prediction of antidepressant treatment response
Date: 24-06-2021

Dewei Hu
Rationalizing Clinical Text Makes ICD Codes Assigning More Interpretable
Date: 23-06-2021

Yijia Xie
Mining the literature to detect connections between lifestyle and diseases
Date: 22-06-2021

Feng Feng
Using machine learning as a weapon to fight scientific fraud by detecting paper-mill publications
Date: 22-06-2021

Yixin Lin
The impact of somatic structural variants in the human brain
Date: 22-06-2021

Mads Porse Pedersen
Funktionel fortolkning af CNS-sygdomsetiologier gennem integrering af genetiske risikofaktorer med enkeltcellet genekspression
Date: 21-06-2021

Ziheng Liu
Image Segmentation Analysis of Small Intestinal Epithelial 3D Confocal Images with Deep Learning
Date: 18-06-2021

Yifan Dai
Gene Expression and Variation Changes During Acid Adaptation of Mouse Pancreatic Organoids
Date: 17-06-2021

Helena Christina Britze
Assessing protein multi-variant stability predictions in the context of protein design
Date: 17-06-2021

Javier Marchena Hurtado
Structural insights into stand-alone Ring Nucleases in type III CRISPR-Cas systems
Date: 17-06-2021

Barbara Puzek
Response eQTL analysis of lymphoblastoid cell lines
Date: 17-06-2021

Núria Hermosilla Albala
Effect of environment and host genetics on the gut microbiota of wild guinea pigs
Date: 16-06-2021

Alexandra Christina  Anastasiado
Batch correction for single-cell RNA-seq using Variational Autoencoder
Date: 14-06-2021

Teemu Kalle Eemeli Rönkkö
Pharmaco-Proteomics of Diabetic Kidney Disease
Date: 14-06-2021

Viktoria Anita Lavro
Simulation of realistic sc-mRNA-seq data from bulk samples
Date: 14-06-2021

Joshua Daniel Rubin
Improving the Protein Structure Network Method of PyInteraph Based on Distances between Centers of Mass
Date: 10-06-2021

Mustafa Khudhair Abbas Al-Azawi
Exploring genetic determinants of fibrotic liver disease
Date: 08-06-2021

Antanas Zilakauskis
Exploring the implementation of protein energy functions in JAX MD
Date: 27-05-2021

Ryan William Moreau
Bayesian Neural Network for Protein Prediction
Date: 10-05-2021

Melina Elena Mazaraki
Protein structure prediction on Torus-DBN, a deep probabilistic model.
Date: 26-03-2021

Aristos Fois
Protein structure prediction on Torus-DBN, a deep probabilistic model.
Date: 26-03-2021

Jakob Guldberg Aaes
Automated Assessment of Tumor Regression During Radiation Treatment using Cone Beam Computed Tomography
Date: 25-03-2021

Rune Vium Søndergaard
Automated Assessment of Tumor Regression During Radiation Treatment usingCone Beam Computed Tomography
Date: 25-03-2021

Albert Schilling Kalnæs
Classifying Squamous Cell Carcinoma and Adenocarcinoma from gene expression data using machine learning
Date: 22-02-2021

Anders Lykkebo-Valløe
Brain-state dynamics during psilocybin interventions
Date: 20-02-2021

Edith Angelica Rodriguez Prado
A LSTM model for predicting genomic features in non-coding regions of the genome related to developmental disorders.
Date: 16-02-2021

Joaquim Ollé López
Single-cell RNAseq analysis of Human oocytes
Date: 12-02-2021

Frederik Filip Stæger
The PROMISing cohort
Date: 08-02-2021

Kasper Fischer-Rasmussen
Computational Inference of Interactions between Mutations and their Role in Childhood Asthma
Date: 03-02-2021

Martyna Trojgo
Protein structure prediction using deep probabilistic programming. Investigating the influence of prior distributions.
Date: 03-02-2021

Jan Mikolaj Kaminski
Deep Ensemble Model, as a potential solution to overcome limited amount of training data in the case of biomedical image segmentation.
Date: 13-01-2021

Nikolin Prenga
Probabilistic Programming
Date: 04-01-2021

Rani Nielsen
Investigating relationships between ancient genomes and associated meta data using Deep Learning
Date: 03-12-2020

Aparna Prasad
Evaluating the influence of reference genome selection on evolutionary inferences
Date: 25-11-2020

Zhe Xue
Genome Data Visualization and Structure Detection Using Non-linear Dimension Reduction Tools
Date: 11-11-2020

Liuqing Zheng
A time course analysis of transcriptome and proteome data from mouse and human
Date: 22-10-2020

Pablo Iáñez Picazo
Demographic inference using a MCMC-coupled GenerativeAdversarial Network
Date: 22-10-2020

Yueying Fu
A time course analysis of transcriptome and proteome data from mouse and human
Date: 22-10-2020

Jilong Ma
Adaptive History of Dogs and Wolves
Date: 22-10-2020

Andreas Ørslev Rasmussen
Prioritisation of known and novel disease-causing variants in patients suspected of inherited bleeding disorders - a tool for data mining and automated PDF report generation
Date: 22-10-2020

Aidas Marijus Vysniauskas
Genomic analysis of prophages in Vibrio species
Date: 21-10-2020

Ida Callesen
Dissecting the genetics of Menstrual Migraine
Date: 20-10-2020

Rikke Louise Jacobsen
Dissecting the genetics of Menstrual Migraine
Date: 20-10-2020

Zhuoyuan Liu
Deep learning for diagnosis of ulcerative colitis
Date: 20-10-2020

Marius Makaras
Body-mass index and blood serum lipid specific polygenic risk score application in children and adolescents
Date: 10-10-2020

Teodora-Francesca Ràdut
Protein structure prediction usingdeep probabilistic programming: model choice and hyperparameters
Date: 09-10-2020

Guangzheng Weng
Implementation of a new trajectory inference tool: VeTra
Date: 09-10-2020

Nicola Alexandra Vogel
Hierarchical multiclass supervised classification of metabarcoded environmental DNA in a forensic context
Date: 09-10-2020

Christian Sigvald Breinholt
Protein structure prediction using deep probabilistic programming and directional statistics
Date: 09-10-2020

Silvija Pupsaite
Bayesian Deep Learning with Hamiltonian Monte Carlo
Date: 06-10-2020

Sizhuo Li
Deep Learning For the Analysis of Arthritic Knee X-rays
Date: 16-09-2020

Michael Roger West
Genome wide association of host genetic control of HIV in a meta-analysis of the five INSIGHT HIV+ cohorts.
Date: 10-09-2020

Mario García Ureña
In silico identification of molecular pathways and key genes behind abdominal fat accumulation given lean body constitution
Date: 10-09-2020

Malthe Sebro Rasmussen
Accurate estimation of allele frequency covariance from NGS data for improved admixture inference
Date: 03-09-2020

Taoyu Mei
Multi-omics Data Analysis of Alzheimer's Disease with a Focus on Mitochondria, Mitophagy, and Oxidative Stress Response
Date: 24-08-2020

Miren Iraeta Orbegozo
Estimating Relatedness in Ancient Populations using Low-depth Sequencing Data
Date: 18-08-2020

Pau Piera Líndez
Metagenomics binning using deep learning techniques
Date: 13-08-2020

Maliha Mashkoor
Semi- and fully automatic analysis of Perineuronal Networks
Date: 10-08-2020

Liubov Pashkova
Integration of single cell transcriptomic atlases with genome-wide association studies to discover likely etiological cell types underlying intelligence and obesity
Date: 27-07-2020

Tetyana Bayzetinova
A multi-omics investigation of the etiology of Tourette syndrome integrating DNA methylation and mRNA-sequencing data from pairs of affected and unaffected monozygotic twins.
Date: 10-07-2020

Nuttapong Mekvipad
BERT-based context-aware classifier for biomedical relation extraction
Date: 19-06-2020

Oliver Knights Møller
Benchmarking of data integration methods on single-cell RNA sequencing data from temporally and regionally distinct human neural stem cells
Date: 30-04-2020

Floris Julian van der Flier
Dilated Convolutional Neural Networks for Small Protein and Individual Domain Tertiary Structure Prediction
Date: 19-12-2019

Kristine Nielsen
Evaluating measures of intra
Date: 16-12-2019

Danai Vagiaki
Integration of electronic health records to predict the development of diabetes using deep learning.
Date: 30-10-2019

Andreas Manoukian
3D Structure Prediction through Probablistic Programming
Date: 10-10-2019

No Name
TMHMM3: Application of Deep Learning for Transmembrane Topology Prediction and Classification of Transmembrane Proteins
Date: 07-10-2019

Lishan Cai
Deep Learning Segmentation for Knee MRI with Shape Prior
Date: 27-09-2019

Povilas Matusevicius
Investigating the evolution of olfactory receptor genes in the ruminants using comparative genomics
Date: 26-09-2019

Guido Barzaghi
Unveiling Human Neural Developmental Dynamics Through RNA Velocity Of Single Cells
Date: 26-09-2019

Sergio Andreu Sánchez
Mitochondrial influence in avian adaptation and evolution
Date: 26-09-2019

Luiza Dominika Czerwinska
Segmentation of microscopic brain images from a mouse model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis using a convolutional neural network
Date: 23-09-2019

Chenhao Wang
The Computerized Analysis of Tongue Papillae
Date: 23-09-2019

Jing Lin
Statistical analysis of pyramidal cells in brain tissue
Date: 23-09-2019

Steven Dennis Pilger
Rationalizing and predicting GPCR - G protein selectivity: a new structure interface - sequence alignment online research tool
Date: 20-09-2019

Soham Ravindra Shinde
Functional Characterisation of RNA binding proteins by analysing Systematic Alternative Splicing Patterns
Date: 20-09-2019

Emily Barot
Optimisation of Voxelwise and Surface-Based Preprocessing Pipelines for PET Data
Date: 19-09-2019

Lars E Bustamante Christoffersen
Identifying Divergent Celltypes Between Conditions using Single-Cell RNA-Seq Data
Date: 18-09-2019

Rasmus Henrik Amund Henriksen
Mapping of oxford nanopore long sequenced reads to identify extrachromosomal circular DNA
Date: 17-09-2019

Genis Garcia Erill
Evaluation of admixture model assumptions, inference of recent admixture and application to the study of the Grants gazelle
Date: 16-09-2019

Oluwatobi Babatunde B Alegbe
CELLECT-LDSC: Integration of single cell transcriptomic atlases with genome-wide association studies using LD score regression
Date: 16-09-2019

Vykintas Jauniskis
Assessment of generative algorithms for engineering of new molecules to treat skin diseases
Date: 13-09-2019

Basile Nicolas Rommes
Mean Field Networks for Retinal Blood Vessel Segmentation
Date: 10-09-2019

Ruta Masiulyte
Retinal blood vessel segmentation using GNNs
Date: 10-09-2019

Adamantia Tsouchnika
Using Auxiliary Information to Regularize Deep Neural Networks: A Case-study on Multi-modal Brain Tumor Segmentation
Date: 03-09-2019

Dimitrios Chouliaras
Date: 30-08-2019

Alba Refoyo Martínez
Polygenic and single-locus selection under complex population histories
Date: 21-08-2019

Zuqi Li
DeepCNV: a deep learning-based method for calling copy number variations by image recognition
Date: 08-08-2019

Julia Agnieszka Gnatek
Thesis Report: Deconvolving Cancer and Normal Breast Tissue with Deep Learning
Date: 21-06-2019

Shadi Mansouryar
Thesis Report: Deconvolving Cancer and Normal Breast Tissue with Deep Learning
Date: 21-06-2019

Grzegorz Jerzy Maciag
Comparison between caco-2 and organoids as models for human colon inflammation
Date: 14-06-2019

Natthawut Adulyanukosol
Date: 09-11-2018

Enrique Goñi Echeverria
Study cell line specificity with Deep Learning models on CAGE datasets
Date: 09-11-2018

Sonia Maria Piedrahita Abella
Simulation Studies to Assess the Effect of Demography in Trondheim during the Second Plague Pandemic
Date: 02-11-2018

Adrian Otamendi Laspiur
Cancer independent HRD gene expressional signature identification for the selection of phase 1 potential patients for treatment with Olaparib.
Date: 25-10-2018

Gowthami Rajukkannu
Evolutionary Pattern of Alternative Splicing Associated with Ant Caste Differentiation
Date: 23-10-2018

Casia Nursyifa
Local Ancestry Inferences and Admixture-Based Association Analysis in Inuit Population
Date: 10-10-2018

Sofia Laghouila
Risk assessment of chronic disease in the future based on lifestyle
Date: 10-10-2018

Carlotta Porcelli
Mass spectrometry data analysis and visualisation of the IL-17A osteoarthritis study
Date: 01-10-2018

Juan Manuel Medina Mendez
A Study of Plasmid-Bacterial Associations in Microbial Communities
Date: 06-09-2018

Elmir Mahammadov
Modelling Gene Regulatory Network of the Mammalian Circadian Clock
Date: 05-09-2018

William Paul Bullock
U-Net Fully-Convolutional Neural Network for Volumetric Semantic Segmentation of Magnetic Resonance Images for Osteoarthritis Staging
Date: 03-09-2018

Ke Zhai
Deep Learning of Segmentation on Knee Tibial Cartilage MRIs
Date: 03-09-2018

Miguel Díez Fernandez De Bobadilla
OLST, a New Approach for Intra-Species Diversity Characterization in Metagenomics
Date: 24-08-2018

Adham Khaled Muhammed Mandour
The Human Virome in the 1000 Genomes Project
Date: 24-08-2018

Jesus Vicente Torresano Lominchar
Local IBD Inference of an Admixed Greenlandic Population, and a new Association Test of IBD Mapping
Date: 24-08-2018

Ioannis Chrysostomakis
Inferring Migration Patterns over Historical Periods using Ancient DNA
Date: 24-08-2018

Anja Moltke Jørgensen
Evolution of Complex Traits in the Ancient Eurasian Steppe
Date: 24-08-2018

Mathias Perslev
Generalizable Deep Learning for Medical Image Segmentation
Date: 22-08-2018

Tycho Yorrick Canter Cremers
Benchmarking Predictions of Free Energy Changes upon Mutation
Date: 20-08-2018

Migle Gabrielaite
Loss and Acquisition of Genes in P. aeruginosa Populations Evolving in the Lungs of Cystic Fibrosis Patients
Date: 20-08-2018

Maria Touceda Suarez
Network Construction and Analysis from Microbial Community Meta-Omics Data.
Date: 20-08-2018

Mette Qvistgaard Ludwig
Single-Cell Transcriptomics Based Discovery of Energy Homeostasis Regulating Pathways in the Hypothalamus
Date: 17-08-2018

Alicia Margaritha Berkvens
Determinants of Constitutive Activity in Class A GPCRS
Date: 15-08-2018

Derya Aytan-Aktug
Analyzing 16S rRNA and Whole-Metagenomic Data for Diet Response Prediction
Date: 14-08-2018

Antonio Ortega Jimenez
Development of Label-free Quantification Methods in Proteomics
Date: 08-08-2018

Siobhan Anne Mc Loughlin
Investigating Structure of DNA Using Neural Networks
Date: 31-05-2018

Derya Esdorf Bach Aslan
Integrative High Throughput Sequencing in Leukemia Mouse Models
Date: 31-05-2018

Theis Hjalte Thorn Jakobsen
Convolutional Neural Network for Predicting Protein Stability by using Local Spherical Representations of Amino Acid Environments
Date: 26-03-2018

Hyeongki Kim
Dihedral Angle Prediction using Generative Adversarial Networks
Date: 23-03-2018

Leo Alexander Dworkin
Toward a Classification of Mucin Tandem Repeat Region Sequences
Date: 21-03-2018

Lys Sanz Moreta
Analysis of Avian Exome Capture Data
Date: 20-02-2018

Simon Rødtness Poulsen
Improving Short Read Alignments using Super Reads
Date: 05-12-2017

Alfred Ferrer Florensa
Predicting the Energy Content of Proteins using Deep Learning
Date: 16-11-2017

Michael Ben Ezra
Modelling of Cell Type Proportions in Aging Frontal Lobe
Date: 16-11-2017

Mohamed Mounir
A Guide To An Integrative Analysis Of the Cancder Genome Atlas Using New Features In TCGAbiolinks R/Biodconductor Package
Date: 15-11-2017

Philip Alstrup Andersen
Inferring Relatedness from Low-Depth NGS Data in the Presence of Inbreeding
Date: 13-11-2017

Rudolfs Berzins
Predicting Protein-Protein Interaction Types from Text-Mined Associations
Date: 29-08-2017

Dongjie Zhang
Influence of Intensity Normalization on CNN-based Segmentation of T1 Brain MRIs
Date: 28-08-2017

Marcos Yebenes Mayordomo
Development, Evaluation and Comparison of RNA Sequencing Pipelines Using Pseudo-Alignment against Traditional Alignment Methods
Date: 23-08-2017

Jamshed Pratap Singh Gill
Detecting Differentially Expressed Genes and Pathways between Rats from Two Different Suppliers
Date: 23-08-2017

Marina Vabistsevits
Identification of Autopagy Signatures in Breast Cancer Using the Cancer Genome Atlas Data
Date: 22-08-2017

Jonas Meisner
Framework for Analyzing Low Depth Next-Generation Sequencing Data in Heterogeneous Populations Using PCA
Date: 21-08-2017

Inigo Prada Luengo
Circle-Map Suite: Fast and Accurate Identification of Extrachromosomal Circular DNA Mediated Copy Number Variation
Date: 18-08-2017

Timo Röder
Analysis Methods for Sequence Libraries Targeting Transposable Elements
Date: 15-08-2017

Mads Obi Bergsten
Community Composition of Ammonia-Oxidizers at Two Different Pelagic Sites In the Baltic Sea
Date: 08-05-2017

Milos Kovacevic
Quantifying Compressibility of Gene Expression Data Using Neural Networks
Date: 31-03-2017

Signe Tang Karlsen
Inferring phenotypes from Bacterial Genomes
Date: 30-03-2017

Lucía Robles Tascón
Population Genomics of Historical Bee Samples
Date: 21-03-2017

Anna Tsolakou
Analysis and Visualization of Expreimental Parameters of G-protein Coupled Receptors Crystallization
Date: 13-03-2017

Lisa Cantwell
Investigation of the Database of Cysteine S-nitrosylation (dbSNO) and Structure-related Mechanisms of SNO-mediated Signaling
Date: 13-12-2016

Sofia Popov
Chracterizatin of Gu Microbiota Composition Following Intake of Dietary Fibers from Different Sources Using Next-generation Sequencing and Metagenome Analyses
Date: 10-10-2016

Abigail Daisy Ramsøe
Hybrid Classification in the Common Chimpanzee
Date: 16-09-2016

Anders Kær Bennetsen
Prediction of the Energy Content of Protein Structures Using Deep Learning
Date: 15-09-2016

Ernesto Luis Aparicio Puerta
Relating Single Neuron Transcriptomic Data and Cellular Phenotypic Traits: Tools and Techniques
Date: 09-09-2016

Line Mærsk Staunstrup
A Comprehensive Analysis of Isoform Usage in Human Tissues
Date: 02-09-2016

Jens Erik Rovelt Andreasen
Creating Extended Data Sets of Protein Structures using Loop Building and Homology Modelling
Date: 31-08-2016

Sangzi Sandra Chen
Biology in Schizophrenia Genomics: lmproving Prediction with Biological Information in Machine Learning Algorithms
Date: 30-08-2016

Jose Juan Almagro Armenteros
Prediction of Protein Subcellular Localization using Deep Learning
Date: 30-08-2016

Andrej Gnip
Application of the Reference Ratio Method on Image Classification
Date: 30-08-2016

Juan Salamanca Viloria
Conformational Changes Induced upon Redox Post-Translational Modifications of an Oncogenic Mitochondrial Chaperone Investigated by Molecular Dynamics and Network Analyses
Date: 30-08-2016

Ricard Argelaguet
Group Factor Analysis to Disentangle Common and Specific Sources of Variation between Different Molecular Layers
Date: 23-08-2016

Xabier Calle Sanchez
TumorTracer 2.0: A Method to Identify the Tissue of Origin from the Somatic Mutations of a Tumor Specimen
Date: 18-08-2016

Joseph Patrick Michele Blair
A Comparison of 2D and 3D Convolutional Neural Networks for Knee Cartilage Segmentation in MRI
Date: 16-08-2016

Christoffer Egeberg Hother
RNA-seq in Personalized Oncogenomics
Date: 27-06-2016

Christian Ravn
Statistical Models for Protein Evolution
Date: 02-05-2016

Stylianos Bakoulis
Identification and joint Analysis of Tissue MicroRNA and mRNA Experssion Profiles from Microarry Data in Ulcerative Colitis
Date: 29-04-2016

Christian Munk
Mutant Desig Tools - Developing Mutant Design Tools to Facilitate Mutagenesis Experiments for GPCRs
Date: 17-03-2016

Anne Saaby Schmidt-Høier
Investigation of Imprinting and Differential Allelic Expression in Schizophrenic Patients and Controls
Date: 15-03-2016

Jarno Johannes Koskinen
Feature Extraction of Energy Entities Used in Protein Structure Folding Prediction
Date: 23-02-2016

Christian Grønbæk
Efficient Applications of Gauss Integral Invariants for Protein Folding Predictions
Date: 10-02-2016

André Vidas Olsen
Detection of Copy Number Variation in the LuCamp Data Set and Subsequent Association Study
Date: 14-12-2015

Evangelos Tsitlakidis
Exploring Optimal Pipelines for Analyzing the Chemical and Biological Space of SmalI Molecule Compunds in LINCS L 1000 Data
Date: 20-11-2015

Kristian Ebbesen Hanghøj
Fast Aaurlg and Automatic Ancient Nucliosoml and Methylation Maps with Epipaliomix
Date: 09-09-2015

Gáspár Pándy-Szekeres
Automated Chimeric Homology Model Building Pipeline for GPCRS
Date: 09-09-2015

Emil Jørsboe
Imputation and genome-wide association studies in the admixed Greenlandic population
Date: 24-08-2015

Sandra Capdevila Walsh
Whole genome sequence analysis of five Ethiopian populations and identification of candidate genes under positive selection
Date: 18-08-2015

Rasmus Koefoed Jakobsen
Prediction of Energy Content of Proteins
Date: 13-08-2015

Thilde Bagger Terkelsen
High Throughput Analysis of Enhancer Usage in Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Date: 22-06-2015

Kristina Aluzaité
Ecaliationg Exome Sequencing of Circulationg Tumour DNA as a Tool for Mutation Detection in Relapsed Diffuse Large B-cell Lymphoma
Date: 16-06-2015

Hancheng Zheng
The Genetic Landscape of Hepatocellular Carcinomas in Chinese Population
Date: 16-06-2015

Nikolaos Sidiropoulos
Identifying Strong Survival Predictions in Acute Myeloid Leukemia Using Gene Signatures
Date: 05-05-2015

Siyang Liu
Population-scale de Novo Assembly, Mapping of Structural Variations and Novel Sequences from Deeply Sequenced Danish Trios
Date: 21-04-2015

Hassan Omer Hamied Sirelkhatim
Modelling Ancestry Specific Effects (mase)
Date: 02-03-2015

Malte Thodberg
Analysis of Differential Gene Expression in Inflammatory Bowel Disease Using Cage Data
Date: 12-02-2015

Yatin Vijay Joshi
Unfolding Genetic Diaspora of New Samples from West African Populations
Date: 28-01-2015

Cecilia Elisabet Lövkvist
Methylation of CpG Sites
Date: 07-01-2015

Oana Palasca
BW-HMM - Probabilistic Sequence Alignment
Date: 16-12-2014

Simon Bolding Halifax
Prediction of Primary Tumour Site from Molecular Signatures
Date: 11-09-2014

Anna Hakobyan
Investigation of Splicing Mechanisms of Large Intron Excision Employed in Humans
Date: 05-09-2014

Carina Grøntved Jønck
Genome Analysis of Six New Danish Potato Blight Isolates
Date: 27-08-2014

Vipin Kumar
Effect of Exosome Components & Cofactor Expression on Exotic RNA Production across the Human Body
Date: 11-08-2014

José Victor Moreno Mayar
Genome-wide Ancestry Patterns in Easter Islanders Reveal Pre-European Admixture with Native Americans
Date: 19-05-2014

Jon Lund Steffensen
Studying Escherichia Coli in the Mouse Intestinal Environment using 16S rRNA Surveys
Date: 04-04-2014

Nicholas Anders Clark
An Application of Machine Learning for Determination of Spatial Structure within and across Cell-specific Enhancers in Human
Date: 14-03-2014

Evdoxia Karadoulama
Structural-based Analysis of the Binding Preferences of RNA-Binding Proteins in the Context of miRNA Target Site Centered, Argonaute 2 Knock-down Expression Data
Date: 28-02-2014

Maria Garcia Romo
In Silico Prediction of Antibody Physicochemical Properties via Construction of Homology Models
Date: 30-01-2014

Victor Adriano Okstoft Carmelo
Calling of Short Insertions and Deletions in Deep Exome Sequencing Data
Date: 16-12-2013

Marietta Kokla
Detection of Pulmonary Thrombosis in Dogs using Texture Analysis and Multvariate Classification Models
Date: 13-12-2013

Peter Novotny
Sequencing Assembly and Annotation of the Yeast genome Debryomyces Hansenii Isolated from danish Cheese
Date: 28-11-2013

Kortine Annina Kleinheinz
In Silico Bacteriophage Host Prediction and Prophage Prediction: Is it Possible?
Date: 04-10-2013

Kristoffer Vitting-Seerup
Genome-Wide Analysis of Alternative Transciption Usage in Acute Myeloid Leukemia Patients Characterized by Biallelic C/ebpx Mutations
Date: 16-08-2013

Adriana Pitea
Comprehensive Identification and Annotation of Human MicroDNA Promoter Regions
Date: 16-08-2013

Emil Vincent Rosenbaum Appel
Estimering af fylogenetisk historie for to beslægtede populationer
Date: 23-07-2013

Justinas Vygintas Daugmaudis
Statistical Analysis and Applications
Date: 31-05-2013

Lars Yannik Schöning
Statistical Issues in Chip-seq Peak Calling Integrated Analysis and Visualization
Date: 01-03-2013

Dagny Ros Nicolaisdottir
Enzyme Classification in Metagenomics Data
Date: 31-01-2013

Jonas Andreas Sibbesen
Probabilistic Transcriptome Asselbly
Date: 30-11-2012

Lasse Maretty Sørensen
Probabilistic Transcriptome Assembly
Date: 30-11-2012

Daniel Mulnæs
Modelling PH dependent conformationac fluctuations in proteins
Date: 09-11-2012

Discovery of mirsignatures and possible therapeutic targets for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases
Date: 15-10-2012

Victor Tzvetanov Yakimov
Machine Learning Tools for Antisense Oligonucleotide Analysis
Date: 11-10-2012

Thorfinn Sand Korneliussen
Estimering af Tajima's D og andre neutralitetsstatistikker fra Next Generation Sequence data
Date: 27-09-2012

Vibha Raghavan
Relative Ratio Test - a Novel Way to Date Ancient DNA
Date: 27-09-2012

Lubomir Dimitrov Antonov
Inferential Structure determination from Saxs Data
Date: 19-09-2012

Razvan-Mihai Badea
Enhancers and Promoter in Erythropoiesis
Date: 04-09-2012

Pranav Kumar
Computational methods in Cross-linking and Immuno-Percipitation data analysis
Date: 31-08-2012

Daniela Salvini
Relationships between two chromatin binding proteins studied by ChIP-Seq motif discovery and positional data analysis
Date: 21-06-2012

Brian Stidsen
A probabilistic model of the local structure of antibodies: Phaistos implementation
Date: 08-02-2012

Jan Teichmann
Genes with microRNA seed sites within hairpin structures show correlation with PUM2 and are related to long-term generepression
Date: 28-10-2011

Pedro Manuel Martínez Garcia
Non-canonical miRNA targeting in Arabidopsis thaliana.
Date: 16-09-2011

Mikkel Schubert
Improving ancient DNA read mapping against modern reference genomes.
Date: 15-09-2011

Peter Stefanov Kerpedjiev
using position speci_c scoring matrices for short read alignment on a compressed genome index
Date: 05-09-2011

Berit Lilje
Exploration of human tissue-specific promoters using FANTOM5 data
Date: 08-08-2011