Staff at Section for Computational and RNA Biology

All Computational Biology Population and Statistical Genetics RNA Biology

Group leaders

Anders Albrechtsen Professor + 45 35330246 Email
Robin AnderssonAssociate Professor + 45 35330245Email
Peter BrodersenProfessor + 45 29441975Email
Thomas HamelryckProfessor + 45 23960613 Email
Rasmus HellerAssociate Professor + 45 29299227Email
Ida MoltkeAssociate Professor + 45 35330239Email
Albin SandelinProfessor + 45 35321285 Email
Hans R. SiegismundAssociate Professor + 45 21664363Email
Amelie SteinAssociate ProfessorEmail
Jeppe VintherAssociate Professor, Head of Section + 45 35321264 Email
Ole WintherProfessorEmail


Jan ChristiansenAssociate Professor + 45 35322008Email

Adjunct staff

Laura Arribas-HernándezAdjunct Assistant Professor + 45 35330232 Email
Robert KrautzAdjunct Assistant ProfessorEmail
Patrícia Chrzanová PecnerováAdjunct Assistant ProfessorEmail
Sarah RennieAdjunct Assistant ProfessorEmail
Cindy SantanderAdjunct Assistant ProfessorEmail
Anna V. SherwoodAdjunct Assistant ProfessorEmail
Tarun Veer Singh Ahluwalia Adjunct Associate Professor + 45 35337135Email

Scientific and technical staff

Amal Al-ChaerLab Technician + 45 35330238 Email
Lisbeth BorbyeSection ManagerEmail
Lance Gareth Edward BoxallACEmail
Simon BressendorffStaff ScientistEmail
JP Carrapico Rodrigues de Mendonca Research AssistantEmail
Miguel González DuqueACEmail
Moust Oskar William HolmesResearch AssistantEmail
Lena Bjørn JohanssonLab Technician + 45 35330236 Email
Isabella Juel VonsildStudent AssistantEmail
Emil LagoniAC + 45 26810626Email
Jakub NajbarStudent TechnicianEmail
Mikkel SchubertStaff ScientistEmail
Christian Skov VaagensøLab TechnicianEmail
Frans ZdybResearch AssistantEmail


Marion Lucia Silvestrini Amelie Stein Email
Kübra Altinel Thomas Hamelryck
Sabhrina Aninta Rasmus Heller Email
Renzo Balboa Anders Albrechtsen
Ida Moltke
Carlos Sarabia Domínguez Anders Albrechtsen
Ida Moltke
Hjörleifur Einarsson Robin Andersson
Aitana Victoria Genzor Garbayo Amelie Stein Email
Michala Gylling Rolver Albin Sandelin
Johanna Jönsson Albin Sandelin Email
Anubhab Khan Rasmus Heller Email
Finnlay Robert Peter Lambert Peter Brodersen Email
Xiaodong Liu Ida Moltke Email
Diego Lopéz Márquez Peter Brodersen Email
Wei-Lin Qiu Robin Andersson
Marlene Reichel Peter Brodersen Email
Ola Rønning Thomas Hamelryck
Mikkel Holger Strander Sinding Rasmus Heller Email
Xi Wang Rasmus Heller
Jamie Yam Auxillos Albin Sandelin Email

PhD Students

Lasse Blaabjerg Amelie Stein Email
Junyu Chen Peter Brodersen Email
Yifan Dai Albin Sandelin Email
Rachael Marie De Vries Ole Winther Email
Jon Eklöf Thomas Hamelryck
Marta Greedy Escudero Robin Andersson Email
Shixu He Anders Albrechtsen Email
Xuening He Robin Andersson Email
Sven Larsen-Ledet Amelie Stein Email
Natsuda Navamajiti Robin Andersson Email
Aleksandra Panfilova Amelie Stein Email
Frederik Filip Stæger Ida Moltke
Anders Albrechtsen
Xiaoshan Su Jeppe Vinther Email
Mathias Due Tankmar Peter Brodersen Email
Felix Teufel Ole Winther Email
Jun Wang Ole Winther Email