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 Probabilistic methods for the analysis of genome-wide data for admixed populations includi...
 Emil JørsboeSupervisor: Anders Albrechtsen 15-09-2019
 Relatedness, admixture and the genetic history of Greenland-European contact
 Ryan Kele WaplesSupervisor: Ida Moltke & Anders Albrechtsen 15-04-2019
 Exploring the central dogma from both ends. Omics integration of Hi-C sequencing and Raman...
 Vipin KumarSupervisor: Albin Sandelin 15-10-2018
 Inference and Learning in Deep Generative Models
 Casper Kaae SønderbySupervisor: Ole Winther & Anders Krogh 03-09-2018
 Regulation and maintenance of transcriptional specificity
 Maria DalbySupervisor: Robin Andersson 15-06-2018
 Organism- and disease-specific atlases of transcription start sites using Cap Analysis of ...
 Malte ThodbergSupervisor: Albin Sandelin 14-03-2018
 Sequence Analysis
 Søren Kaae SønderbySupervisor: Anders Krogh & Ole Winther 21-12-2017
 Analysing human genomes at different scales
 Siyang LiuSupervisor: Anders Krogh & Anders Albrechtsen 27-09-2017
 Demographic inferences from large-scale NGS data
 Casper-Emil Tingskov PedersenSupervisor: Anders Albrechtsen 31-08-2017
 Investigating membrane-bound Argonaute functions in Arabidopsis
 Andrea BarghettiSupervisor: Peter Brodersen 15-05-2017
 Transcriptional diversity and regulation across time and states
 Kristoffer Vitting-SeerupSupervisor: Albin Sandelin 30-09-2016
 Computational Investigations of Post-transcriptional Regulation
 Simon Horskjær RasmussenSupervisor: Anders Krogh 05-09-2016
 Adaptive Evolution and Demographic History of African Great Apes
 Peter FrandsenSupervisor: Hans R. Siegismund & Anders Albrechtsen 13-08-2016
 Probabilistic methods for processing high-throughput sequencing signals
 Lasse MarettySupervisor: Anders Krogh 07-07-2016
 Probabilistic transcriptome assembly and variant graph genotyping
 Jonas Andreas SibbesenSupervisor: Anders Krogh 08-06-2016
 Blastocystis in a gut microbiota context and aspects of Blastocystis genomic...
 Lee Poul O’Brien AndersenSupervisor: Anders Krogh 29-01-2016
 Non-coding RNAs in Arabidopsis
 Miranda van WonterhgemSupervisor: Peter Brodersen 02-11-2015
 Regulated proteolysis of Arabidopsis ARGONAUTE1
 Swathi Pranavi KausikaSupervisor: Peter Brodersen 15-08-2015
 Post-transcriptional gene regulation mediated by small RNAs and ARGONAUTE1 in Arabidops...
 Laura Arribas-HernandezSupervisor: Peter Brodersen 17-07-2015
 Application of Microarray technology in research and diagnostics: differential expression ...
 Rehannah Borup Helweg-LarsenSupervisor: Ole Winther 23-06-2015
 Convergent and divergent adaptations of subterranean rodents
 Xiaodong FangSupervisor: Anders Krogh 30-03-2015
 MHC region and its related disease study
 Hongzhi CaoSupervisor: Anders Krogh & Jun Wang 23-03-2015
 Statistical approaches accommodating uncertainty in modern genomic data
 Line SkotteSupervisor: Anders Albrechtsen 15-02-2015
 Aberrant Gene Expression in Acute Myeloid Leukaemia
 Frederik Otzen BaggerSupervisor: Anders Krogh 01-10-2014
 Computational approaches to understand transcriptional regulation and alternative promoter...
 Mette JørgensenSupervisor: Albin Sandelin 22-04-2014
 Methods for RNA analysis - Functional investigation of RNA by interaction proteomics and h...
 Signe OlivariusSupervisor: Jan Christiansen & Jeppe Vinther 17-02-2014
 High-throughput sequencing based methods of RNA structure investigation
 Lukasz KielpinskiSupervisor: Jeppe Vinther & Jan Christiansen 14-02-2014
 The prognostic, diagnostic, and therapeutic potential of tumor antigens
 Lars Rønn OlsenSupervisor: Anders Krogh 21-11-2013
 Probabilistic equilibrium sampling of protein structures from SAXS data and a coarse grain...
 Christian AndreettaSupervisor: Thomas Hamelryck 15-11-2013
 Inference problems in structural biology: protein structures and protein structure ensembl...
 Simon OlssonSupervisor: Thomas Hamelryck 26-03-2013
 Computational Cancer Biology: From Carcinogenesis to Metastasis
 Bogumil KaczkowskiSupervisor: Anders Krogh and Ole Winther 15-04-2012
 Inferential Determination of Protein Structure from Small-Angle X-ray Scattering Data
 Kasper StovgaardSupervisor: Thomas Hamelryck & Anders Krogh 01-03-2012
 On Gene Regulation in Eukaryotes. Computational approaches to decipher transcriptional reg...
 Xiaobei ZhaoSupervisor: Albin Sandelin 01-02-2012
 Demographic History and Phylogeography of Large African Mammals
 Rasmus HellerSupervisor: Hans R. Siegismund 15-12-2011
 Chimpanzee history and evolution
 Christina HvilsomSupervisor: Hans R. Siegismund 15-12-2011
 Probabilistic methods inmacromolecular structure prediction
 Jes FrellsenSupervisor: Thomas Hamelryck 07-03-2011
 Bioinformatical approaches to RNA structure prediction & Sequencing of an ancient human ge...
 Stinus LindgreenSupervisor: Anders Krogh and Paul P. Gardner 29-01-2010
 Deciphering Transcriptional Regulation
 Eivind ValenSupervisor: Albin Sandelin and Anders Krogh 15-12-2009