Staff at Section for Computational and RNA Biology : RNA Biology

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Group leaders

Peter BrodersenProfessor + 45 29441975Email
Jan ChristiansenAssociate Professor + 45 35322008Email
Jeppe VintherAssociate Professor, Head of Section + 45 35321264 Email

Scientific and technical staff

Amal Al-ChaerLab Technician + 45 35330238 Email
Lena Bjørn JohanssonLab Technician + 45 35330236 Email


Laura Arribas-Hernández Peter Brodersen + 45 35330232 Email
Gabriele Indrisiunaite Jeppe Vinther
Diego Lopéz Márquez Peter Brodersen Email
Anna V. Sherwood Jeppe Vinther Email
Carsten Poul Skou Nielsen Peter Brodersen + 45 35334790 Email

PhD Students

Annaleigh Ohrt Fehler Jeppe Vinther Email
Fangyue Guo Peter Brodersen Email
Eleni Mitta Peter Brodersen Email
Emilie Oksbjerg Peter Brodersen Email
Carlotta Porcelli Peter Brodersen
Robin Andersson
Ida Sjøgaard Peter Brodersen Email
Mathias Due Tankmar Peter Brodersen Email

MSc Students

Junyu Chen Peter Brodersen Email