The Human Microbiome

IN SECTION OF MICROBIOLOGY, we are working to understand the mechanisms Gut microbiomedriving community assembly and function of microbiomes using cutting-edge molecular techniques. Our research is based on a holistic perception of the microorganisms as integrated members of complex microbial communities shaped by their physico-chemical microenvironment, and by social community interactions.We are currently engaged in investigating the development of the microbiome of 600 children from birth to adulthood and how this link to asthma and other illnesses.Plant microbiome

We are also investigating microbiomes associated with various domestic and native animals and plants. Specifically, we use plant model systems to investigate temporal and spatial heterogeneity in the plant root microbiome development. Finally we develop synthetic microbiomes targeted for specific community functions. 

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Microbiome in healthy and sick children
We investigate microbiome structure, diversity and activities of samples from healthy and sick children and animal model systems in order to identify the microbial factor in important illnesses such as asthma and diarrhea and others.

Techniques covered:The Human Microbiome
Classic culturing
Profiling of antibiotic resistance
PCR and qPCR analysis
Metagenomics sequencing
Bioinformatic analysis

Keywords:  Microbiomes, human health, network analysis
Supervisor(s): Søren J. Sørensen
Email:  sjs@bio.ku.dk