Funded projects

Designed bacterial collaboromes for bio-control of potato pathogens

BioInnovation Institute Fonden (BII)

Machine learning methods for data-driven discovery of antibiotic resistance plasmid dissemination and evolution

The Novo Nordisk Foundation

Plasmid Evolutionary Arms raCE (PEACE)

The Novo Nordisk Foundation

Printing nature to study nature - artificial 3D-leavesfor ecologically relevant studies of bacterial biofilm communities

The VILLUM Experiment

Surface modification to increase microbial SAFEty in the food industry

EU Horizon 2020

Engineered Biofilms with Modular Functionality for Persistent and Survivable Naval Platforms

Funded by the Office of Naval Research Global

Effects of bacteria on atmospheres of Earth, Mars, and exoplanets - adapting and identifying life in extraterrestrial environments

The Novo Nordisk Foundation - Interdisciplinary Synergy 2019 grant

Catch me if you conjugate! Plasmid recovery from complex ecosystems using secreted pilus machinery as a hook

The VILLUM Experiment

The bacterial vaccine action plan (BacVac). Improving green biotech by controlling the adaptive immune system of non-GMO bacteria

DFF-Research Project1 (Thematic Research)

Predicting the shaping factors of like: Experimental evolution in complex bacterial communites (PREDICT)

The Villum International Postdoc Programme

Surveillance of microbial small talk using Trojan horses

The VILLUM Experiment


- DeveBiorecover logolopment of an innovative sustainable strategy for selective biorecover of critical raw materials from Primary and Secondary sources
The objective of BIORECOVER is the research and development of a new sustainable & safe process, essentially based on biotechnology, for selective extraction of a range of Critical Raw Materials.
Awarded 01.09.2019

CAG - Modulating the Infant Microbiome for Disease Prevention

LogoThe CAG will seek to improve prevention of chronic inflammatory diseases and treatment of paediatric asthma.

Awarded 16.08.2018

Multifocal, A closer look at Social interactions

ZEISS LSM 800 with Airyscan microscopeVillum Foundation Grant to purchace the confocal Zeiss LSM 800 with Airyscan microscope for 2-,3-, and 4D visualization.
Awarded 30.10.2015

Multispecies biofilm: Unraveling the black box

Social interaction in BiofilmA study of multispecies biofilms with regard to succession, interspecies interactions, underlying molecular and evolutionary mechanisms and the role of multispecies biofilms as plasmid reservoirs.
Awarded 23.01.2015

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