Bioinformatics Centre

In 2002, the Faculty of Science at University of Copenhagen recognized the importance of bioinformatics research and education and Professor Anders Krogh was recruited to spearhead the efforts. Under his leadership, and with the generous support from the Novo Nordisk Foundation, the Bioinformatics Centre was founded in 2005 as an independent Centre.

The Centre, which is housed in Section for Computational and RNA Biology at the Department of Biology, employs researchers working on a wide range of topics in bioinformatics and includes faculty with shared appointments in the Department of Computer Science.

The Centre is now one of the strongest interdisciplinary research environments in Denmark. Over the years, the researchers in the Bioinformatics Centre have made numerous prominent research contributions and continue to produce world-class research results in the bioinformatics field.

Research highlights

Ruminant Genomes
Improving Accuracy in Variant Genotyping
Greenlandic Genetic Variation
Genome Denmark
Promoter/Enhancer Atlas
Bayesian Methods in Structural Bioinformatics
Probabilistic Protein Structure Prediction
Probabilistic Models of Proteins and Nucleic Acids