Bacterial Cell Cycle Group

Anders Løbner-Olesen laboratory (ALO lab)

The main research topic of the group is the cell cycle control of DNA replication in bacteria, using the model bacterium Escherichia coli.

We have described key aspects of the E. coli cell cycle control such as: the DnaA protein being limiting for replication, the role of Dam, and the importance of cis-acting control regions. Recently we have widened our focus to include the development of antimicrobial compounds targeting especially the DNA replication machinery.










Name Title Phone E-mail
Anders Løbner-Olesen Professor +4535322068 E-mail
Anna Elisabeth Ebbensgaard Assistant Professor +4535336946 E-mail
Elisabeth Dohmann Chang Postdoc +4535336230 E-mail
Godefroid Charbon Associate Professor +4535322098 E-mail
Thias Oberg Boesen PhD Fellow +4520313984 E-mail

Other members

Name Title E-mail
Christopher Campion PhD fellow  E-mail
Meiqin Zhang External PhD fellow E-mail
Hussein Qasem MSc student E-mail
Linda Ringsborg Preisler MSc student E-mail


Professor Anders Løbner-Olesen
Functional Genomics
Office: 4.2.15
Ole Maaløes Vej 5
DK-2200 Copenhagen N

Phone: +45 35 32 20 68
Mobile: +45 51 43 03 26

ORCID: 0000-0002-0344-6417