Welcome to the Kaj Ulrik Linderstrøm-Lang Centre for Protein Science

At the Department of Biology, University of Copenhagen, we have established the Linderstrøm-Lang Centre for Protein Science to carry on in the tradition of Kaj Ulrik Linderstrøm-Lang and to address some of the questions which after 60 years are still left fundamentally unanswered:

  • How do proteins attain their functionality? 
  • What role does dynamics play in protein function and how is this interplay comprehensively described and predicted? 
  • How do cells regulate the life cycle of a protein from synthesis to degradation?
  • Can we use this knowledge to design new enzymes with new activities?

The questions are addressed by applying sophisticated methods through projects spanning the realms of fundamental and applied science.

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Kaj Ulrik Linderstrøm-Lang Centre for Protein Science

Section for Biomolecular Sciences
Ole Maaløes Vej 5
DK-2200 Copenhagen N

Prof. Jakob Rahr Winther

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