Biomolecular Regulation Group

The research projects of the Biomolecular Regulation group address fundamental regulatory and mechanistic aspects of gene expression.  In collaboration with biophysicists at the Niels Bohr Institute, we combine molecular-to-population scale mathematical modeling and experimental testing to obtain an integrated and quantitative understanding of dynamic biological systems.




We are always happy to receive applications from potential postdocs, Ph. D., Masters, and Bachelor students, and we welcome applications from both Denmark and abroad. If you are interested in joining the lab or just want to know more about our work, find the relevant scientific staff member and contact us by phone or email – or stop by one of the labs in the Biocenter (see map here).

Postdoc positions

Open positions are advertised broadly in the relevant media.

In addition, chances of obtaining postdoc grants are quite good when applying with Danish and/or international foundations. If you are interested in applying contact the scientific staff member that you would like to work.

PhD projects

The University of Copenhagen offers studentships for students holding a Danish or foreign Masters degree. In addition, possibilities exist to apply for funding from private foundations. Phd students are accepted into the PhD school at the Faculty of Science and become part of the PhD program in Protein Science

Masters and Bachelor students projects

We always offer both Masters and Bachelor projects within our different areas of research. For more information and a list of current projects see the University of Copenhagen project database here.

For all types of positions, please contact the staff to discuss specific projects. 




Biomolecular Regulation Group

Section for Biomolecular Sciences
Ole Maaløes Vej 5
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Assoc. Prof. Sine Lo Svenningsen
Assoc. Prof. Michael Askvad Sørensen

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