Functional protein dynamics

5 ECTS lecture and discussion course for PhD students

This summer school focuses on functional dynamics in proteins occurring on timescales ranging from picoseconds to hours as well as their relation to protein function. Recent innovations in experimental biophysics, including NMR, single molecule studies, X-ray and neutron scattering, and mass spectrometry have pushed the limits for biological studies and it is now possible to investigate dynamic processes on timescales and at a resolution that were previously inaccessible. Together with these developments, computational tools have now matured to a level where they can be used both to predict protein properties and help interpret experiments at the atomic level. Importantly, this synergy between experiments and simulations creates novel, exciting avenues to study the fundamental dynamics that drive protein folding, protein-ligand interactions and allosteric regulation of proteins.

Time: 18th August to 23th August 2014
Venue: Biocenter, University of Copenhagen
Programme: Follow link here
SBiNLab, Department of Biology

Confirmed speakers:

Teaching format

The school will offer 12 lectures and 12 round table discussions chaired by the invited lecturers. The students are required to be active participants in the round table discussions. The teachers will provide the students with literature etc for their preparation for the round table discussions.

Presentation of PhD projects
The student participants will present an obligatory oral presentation of their Ph. D. projects and a brief written abstract.

Course fee

The course is free, but the students have to pay their own travel, accomodation and meals.


Registration closed on 22nd June 2014!!