Random coil chemical shifts for intrinsically disordered proteins

The following Javascript will calculate the random coil chemical shifts for any protein sequence. The chemical shifts and the general sequence correction factors are from [1] whereas the temperature coefficients and the glycine correction factors are from [2]. The principle behind the determination of the sequence correction factors is described in [3]. The correction factors for perdeuteration are from [4]. The Javascript was kindly coded by Alex Maltsev of the NIH.

Random coil chemical shifts for methyl groups obtained by similar methods can be obtained from [5]. For a discussion of the various different random coil chemical shift datasets see section 2.1 in [6].

Note: Table 3 in [2] contains a typo. The pKa values for His is 1.5 x 10-7.

Sample temperature (Celsius)      pH  

Using GGXGG-based neighbor correction for glycines
Perdeuterated protein

Protein sequence in one-letter code (incorrect symbols will be ignored)

Predicted chemical shifts



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