Bachelor and Master's projects

The list is ordered alphabetically according to project title. Click the title to see details.

Analysis of plant constituents with spectroscopical and chemical methods

Supervisor: Anders Michelsen and Riikka Rinnan

Are eucalypt leaf volatiles inducible?

Supervisor: Riikka Rinnan (BIO), Elizabeth Neilson (PLEN)

Are modern crop varieties less compatible with their natural symbionts than older ones?

Supervisor: Rasmus Kjøller (BIO), Kristian Holst Laursen (PLEN)

ASHBACK – Environmentally safe application of biofuel ash as fertilizers in biofuel production

Supervisor: Flemming Ekelund, Rasmus Kjøller, Mette Vestergård, Søren Christensen, Louise Hindborg Mortensen, Carla Cruz Paredes, Sara Bentzon-Tilia

Biogenic volatile organic compounds - release from plants, microbes and ecosystems

Supervisor: Riikka Rinnan and others depending on the topic

Biogenic volatile release from decomposing plant leaves across ecosystems

Supervisor: Riikka Rinnan and other relevant persons

CENPERM - Center for Permafrost

Supervisor: Anders Michelsen, Riikka Rinnan, Anders Prieme

Chemical Ecology of the birch-moth interaction under climate change

Supervisor: Riikka Rinnan

Climate change effects on arctic plants, ecosystem function and greenhouse gas emission

Supervisor: Anders Michelsen

Climate change effects on moss-associated N fixation

Supervisor: Kathrin Rousk

Does air pollution affect trees in urban areas or do the trees affect air pollution?

Supervisor: Riikka Rinnan

Ecotoxicology of soil organisms

Supervisor: Flemming Ekelund

Effect of microbiome composition on plant nutritional status

Supervisor: Nikolaj Lunding Kindtler, Flemming Ekelund, Kristian Holst Laursen

Effects of plant genotype and soil on rhizosphere microbiome

Supervisor: Nikolaj Lunding Kindtler, Flemming Ekelund

Freeze-thaw effects on greenhouse gas emission, investigated by on-line concentration and isotope analyses

Supervisor: Anders Michelsen

Heavy metal effects on moss-associated N fixation

Supervisor: Kathrin Rousk

Heavy metals in fungi

Supervisor: Rasmus Kjøller, Flemming Ekelund, Jesper Liengaard Johansen

Host specificity of moss-associated cyanobacteria

Supervisor: Kathrin Rousk

How widespread is cyanobacterial colonization of mosses?

Supervisor: Kathrin Rousk, Aya Permin

Invasive species: A threat to nature or a cultural imagination?

Supervisor: Flemming Ekelund (Biology) Claus Emmeche (Center for Naturfilosofi og Videnskabsstudier)

Microbial consortia that optimize plant growth

Supervisor: Flemming Ekelund

Microbial production and uptake of volatile organic compounds

Supervisor: Riikka Rinnan (BIO) and Christian Albers (GEUS)

Moss-associated nitrogen fixation as an important N input in terrestrial ecosystems

Supervisor: Kathrin Rousk

Moss-cyanobacteria associations: are they mutualists or parasites?

Supervisor: Kathrin Rousk

Nitrogen cycling in arctic ecosystems: at present and in future

Supervisor: Riikka Rinnan, Jing Tang

Orchids: which factors determine their distribution?

Supervisor: Flemming Ekelund, Rasmus Kjøller

Re-colonization, diversity and ecophysiology of plants following experimental treatments in danish heath

Supervisor: Anders Michelsen (and others depending upon specific content)

Soil gas profiles in Danish ecosystems

Supervisor: Riikka Rinnan (BIO) and Christian Albers (GEUS)

Temporal variation in the feeding habits of individual Eurasian otters (Lutra lutra) inferred from stable isotopes in vibrissae

Supervisor: Anders Michelsen

The arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi of Plantago major and their role in regulating plant defences

Supervisor: Christopher James Barnes and Rasmus Kjøller

The moss food web: Interactions between moss, micro and mesofauna

Supervisor: Flemming Ekelund, Kathrin Rousk

The moss microbiome: interactions between mosses and microorganisms

Supervisor: Flemming Ekelund and Kathrin Rousk

Will a wetter High Arctic be greener?

Supervisor: Signe Lett, Anders Michelsen