Ecosystem-Atmosphere Interactions – Rinnan Lab

The Rinnan Lab explores the controls on the exchange of biogenic volatile organic compounds (BVOCs) between ecosystems and the atmosphere. We use state-of-the-science techniques for measurement of BVOC emissions from plants, emissions and uptake by soils, and their exchange at the ecosystem scale. We conduct experiments in the laboratory and in the field, predominantly in the arctic environments.

Riikka Rinnan is a professor in the Terrestrial Ecology Section, Department of Biology and a principal investigator at the Center for Permafrost (CENPERM), University of Copenhagen, Denmark. For other group members, scroll down on this page.

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Name Title Phone E-mail
Cleo Lisa Davie-Martin Academic Research Staff +4593509236 E-mail
Ingvild Ryde Research Assistant +4535332739 E-mail
Jing Tang External +4535334606 E-mail
Jolanta Rieksta PhD Fellow +4535326922 E-mail
Laura Malene Swanson External +4535337769 E-mail
Magnus Kramshøj Postdoc   E-mail
Nanna Schrøder Baggesen PhD Fellow +4535337305 E-mail
Riikka Rinnan Professor +4535330296 E-mail
Roger Seco Assistant Professor +4535335341 E-mail
Tao Li External +4535335974 E-mail
Tihomir Simin PhD Fellow +4535321034 E-mail
Xiaoya Zhang PhD Student   E-mail

  External members

Name Title
Birgitte Kortegaard Danielsen PhD fellow
Rikke Lauge Borchmann MSc student
Annika Engroff MSc student
Astrid Hollandær MSc student
Reza Wali MSc student
Maria Andersen MSc student
Kristbjörg Halldorsdottir MSc student


Professor Riikka Rinnan
Head of Terrestrial Ecology Section
Professor in Ecosystem-Atmosphere Interactions

Terrestrial Ecology Section
Universitetsparken 15
DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø, Denmark

Mobile: +45 51827039

Twitter feed