Ecosystem-Atmosphere Interactions – Rinnan Lab

The Rinnan Lab explores the controls on the exchange of biogenic volatile organic compounds (BVOCs) between ecosystems and the atmosphere. We use state-of-the-science techniques for measurement of BVOC emissions from plants, emissions and uptake by soils, and their exchange at the ecosystem scale. We conduct experiments in the laboratory and in the field, predominantly in the arctic environments.

Riikka Rinnan is a professor in the Terrestrial Ecology Section, Department of Biology and a principal investigator at the Center for Permafrost (CENPERM), University of Copenhagen, Denmark. For other group members, scroll down on this page.

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Innovative ecosystem model shedding light on Arctic climate change

Insects, climate change and plant defences - unravelling the connection

Klimakrøller podcast, "Flygtige forbindelser feat. Riikka Rinnan"


Riikka Rinnan from CENPERM receives one of the Elite Research Prices 2020

Riikka Rinnan's talk at the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters: Climate change in the Arctic – when tundra becomes volatile

Elite Research Price recipient Riikka Rinnan


More fragrant Arctic with stressed plants

Amplification of plant volatile defence against insect herbivory in a warming Arctic tundra

Arktis' blomster er begyndt at dufte. Det er skidt nyt

Stigende temperaturer i Arktis får planter til at udskille langt flere duftstoffer – det er skidt nyt for klimaet og planterne selv


DR P1 Kulturen. Permafrosten tør.!01:33:25

New permafrost gas mystery

Forskere fra Københavns Universitet er stødt på nyt permafrostmysterie

A new permafrost gas mystery

Smalltalk i permafrosten


There's Something in the Air: Release of Volatiles from Arctic Vegetation Increasing

Arctic plants help cool the planet

Plant gases could slow Arctic climate change

Plantestoffer kan modvirke klimaændringerne i Arktis

Changed eucalyptus scent could threaten koalas

Forandret eukalyptus-duft mulig trussel mod koalaen

Muuttuva tundrakasvillisuus on ilmastonmuutoksen kysymysmerkki

Lämpenevä tundrakasvillisuus muuttaa lähialuettaan


Träd kan prata och hjälpa eller stjälpa klimatet


Kloni istih rastlin – žive price podnebnih sprememb


Arktiske planter kan påvirke klimaet


Det lugter langt væk af klimaforandringer












Name Title Phone E-mail
Amy Samantha Smart Postdoc +4535329771 E-mail
Jing Tang External +4535334606 E-mail
Jolanta Rieksta Postdoc +4535326922 E-mail
Riikka Rinnan Professor +4535330296 E-mail
Roger Seco Guest Researcher +4535335341 E-mail
Tao Li Guest Researcher +4535335974 E-mail
Wanying Zhang Guest Researcher   E-mail
Yue Gao Visiting PhD Student   E-mail
Zhiyang Zhang Visiting Student   E-mail

Name Title
Birgitte Kortegaard Danielsen PhD fellow
Yinghuan Qin MSc student
Rosa Maria Picon Garcia MSc student
Ida Katrine Frendrup MSc student
Svana Björg Eiriksdóttir MSc student
Anneka Florence Williams MSc student


Professor Riikka Rinnan
Head of Terrestrial Ecology Section
Professor in Ecosystem-Atmosphere Interactions

Terrestrial Ecology Section
Universitetsparken 15
DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø, Denmark

Mobile: +45 51827039

Twitter feed