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Group photo spring 2022.

Moss ecosystem, Abisko, Sweden
Moss ecosystem, Abisko, Sweden.

In the Ecosystem Ecology Lab, we are interested in the abiotic and biotic controls of nitrogen (N) fixation in moss-cyanobacteria associations. This ecosystem function is especially important in pristine ecosystems like boreal forests, subarctic tundra and tropical cloud forests. Cyanobacteria colonizing dominant moss species in these habitats contribute fundamentally to the ecosystem N pool. We conduct experiments in the laboratory and in the field, especially in the boreal and tropical biomes.

A tropical cloud forest - from a field trip to Costa Rica.
A tropical cloud forest - from a field trip to Costa Rica.

Ecosystems are prototypical examples of complex adaptive systems, in which patterns at higher levels emerge from localized interactions and selection processes acting at lower levels

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Danillo O. Alvarenga Postdoc +4535325039 E-mail
Kathrin Rousk Assistant Professor - Tenure Track +4535332074 E-mail
Lina Avila Clasen PhD Fellow   E-mail
Vanja Eillertsen Gomo Master student   E-mail
Alexander Blinkenberg Timm Master student   E-mail


Aya Tora Foged Permin PhD  
Song Guo MSc  


Ecosystem Ecology Lab

Assistant Professor Kathrin Rousk
Terrestrial Ecology Section
Universitetsparken 15
DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø, Denmark

Phone:  +45 35 33 20 74
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A short video presentation of Kathrins background and researchKathrin Rousk receives ERC Starting Grant.

Field trip to Northern SwedenField trip to Northern Sweden.

Field trip to Costa RicaField trip to Costa Rica.

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