Riikka Rinnan

Riikka Rinnan

Professor, Head of Centre


I have a broad background in environmental science and ecology, and my research interests include processes related to the soil carbon storage, plant-soil interactions, and ecosystem-atmosphere interactions.

My current research mainly explores the controls of the exchange of biogenic volatile organic compounds (BVOCs) between ecosystems and the atmosphere. My group uses state-of-the-science techniques in measurement of BVOC emission from plants, emission and uptake by soils, and exchange at the ecosystem scale. We conduct experiments in the laboratory and field research, especially in the Arctic.

Read more at our homepage: https://www1.bio.ku.dk/english/research/te/rinnan-lab/


My own course:
Climate Change and Biogeochemical Cycles (Msc level)

Other courses I contribute to:
Basic Arctic Biology (BSc level)
Climate Change: an Interdisciplinary Challenge (Msc level)
Ecophysiology of Plants (BSc level)
Experimental Design and Statistical Methods in Biology (Msc level)
General Ecology (BSc level)
Terrestrial Ecosystem Processes and Global Change (Msc level)

ID: 18466033