PTR-TOF-1000 ultra (Ionicon)

(proton transfer reaction-time of flight-mass spectrometer)

We conduct experiments with real-time analysis of VOCs in laboratory and in the field. We have two PTR-TOF-1000 ultra instruments, one with Selective Reagent Ionization technology. In the summer 2018, both our instruments were operated in Abisko, Northern Sweden, measuring eddy covariance fluxes.

GC-MS (Agilent), TD100-xr (Markes) 

(Gas chromatograph-Mass spectrometer coupled with a thermal desorber)

We analyse biogenic volatiles also trapping the volatiles (~C5-C25) in adsorbent cartridges, which are analyzed by GC-MS after thermal desorption.


(Antaris II near infrared reflectance spectrometer, Thermo Scientific)

An instrument used mainly for fingerprinting chemical composition of solid samples.

GC-MS (Agilent)

(Gas chromatograph-Mass spectrometer)

Another GC-MS for liquid injections.