Group members

Birgitte Kortegaard Danielsen

PhD student
Arctic subsurface gas dynamics
Funded by  Center for Permafrost (CENPERM) 

Cleo Davie-Martin

Laboratory manager

Jing Tang

Post doc
Modeling arctic BVOC emissions
Funded by FORMAS, Sweden

Jolanta Rieksta

PhD student
Effects of insect herbivory and warming on BVOC emissions in the Arctic
Funded by the ERC consolidator grant TUVOLU 

Lærke Wester Larsen

Research assistant

Magnus Kramshøj

Post doc
Permafrost BVOC emissions
Funded by the ERC consolidator grant TUVOLU

Na Liu

Visiting PhD student

Nanna Baggesen

PhD student
Bidirectional exchange of BVOCs in the Arctic
Funded by The Danish Council for Independent Research | Natural Sciences

Riikka Rinnan

Professor, group leader

Roger Seco

Assistant professor
Eddy covariance measurements
Funded by the ERC consolidator grant TUVOLU

Tao Li

Post doc
Herbivore-induced emissions of biogenic volatiles from arctic plants under climate warming
Funded by H2020 Marie Curie Actions 

Thomas Holst

Assistant professor
Expert in PTR-TOF-MS experiments

Tihomir Simin

PhD student
Temperature sensitivity of tundra shrub BVOC emissions
Funded by the ERC consolidator grant TUVOLU

Zhengchao Ren

Visiting researcher
Large scale estimation of BVOC emission based on 3S technology

MSc students

Amalie Ryde

Mountain birch volatiles and metabolites as induced by herbivory by geometrid moth larvae

Ditte Marie May

Effects of willow and birch litter addition on subarctic volatile emissions and interactions with climate change

Laura Swanson

Interactive effects of climate change and gall-inducing mites on isoprene emission from arctic willows

Laurids Christian Brogaard Aeppli

Insect herbivory effects on plant volatile emission in Southern Greenland

Mads Peter Naursgaard

BVOC emissions from mosses and lichens

Manon Bourqui

Effects of warming and plant community changes on tundra net ecosystem exchange

Mikkel Sillesen Matzen

Remote sensing of a Subarctic permafrost area. Linkages between canopy temperature, vegetation phenology, VOC and ozone concentrations

Mira Skardhamar

Climate change effects on leaf litter decomposition: Volatile emissions, chemical composition and microbial communities of decomposing litter

Trine Mariager

Leaf microbial communities and their effect on volatile emissions

Former team members

Päivi Tiiva

Now at University of Eastern Finland

Patrick Faubert

Now at Université du Québec à Chicoutimi, Canada

Hanna Valolahti

Now back in Finland

Michelle Schollert

Now at University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Frida Lindwall

Now at WSP Sverige