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Former group members 


Lau Dalby Nielsen/Kjelgaard (2017-2020)
Research scientist at Chr. Hansen

Giang Nguyen (2018)

Helena Safavi-Hemami (2013-2017)
Research Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, University of Utah, USA

Raffaela Magnoni (2013-2015)
Research Scientist at Orphazyme, Copenhagen

Andrea Vala (2007-2010)
Research Scientist at Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research, University of Copenhagen.

Christian Appenzeller-Herzog (2004-2009)
Science teacher at Berufsfachschule Gesundheit Baselland, Switzerland

Linda Johansson (2006-2008)
Employed at Astra Zeneca, Mölndal, Sweden.

Ph.D. students

Minttu Virolainen (2016-2020):

Ana Paula Cordeiro (2014-2018):
Protein and Formulation Scientist at Evaxion Biotech

Lea Cecilie Christensen (2011-2016):
Postdoc with Helena Safavi Hemami, University of Copenhagen

 Njal Winther Jensen (2011-2014):
Employed at Vifor Pharma

David Månsson (2010-2013):
Scientist at Novo Nordisk, Gentofte

Henning Gram Hansen (2009-2013):
Research scientist at Chr. Hansen

David Klinkenberg (2012-2013):
Research Scientist and Scientific/Technical Advisor at Thermo Fisher Scientific

Jan Riemer (2003-2008):
Professor, University of Cologne.

Doris Roth (2003-2008):
Associate Patent Examiner at Danish Patent and Trademark Office, Copenhagen.

Johannes Haugstetter (2002-2007):
Scientist at InSphero, Zurich, Switzerland.  

Special guests

Amie McClellan, visiting professor (2018):
Faculty, Bennington College

Eva Frickel, Ph.D. student & postdoc (2000-2005):

Group leader at the Francis Crick Institute, London.

Christiane Schirra, technician (2001-2003)

Manuel Fischer, Ph.D. student (2013):
"On loan" three months from the Riemer lab

Research assistants

Ellen Johanne Olsen (2020-21)

Sophie Heiden Laugesen (2019)
Research assistant with Helena Safavi-Hemami, UCPH

Jurate Kamarauskaite (2010-2011)
Phd-student with Peter Kast, ETH Zürich

Master's students

Anna Damsbo Jensen (2019)

Queralt Ginebra (2019)
Now studies Molecular Biomedicine, UCPH

Sophie Heiden Laugesen (2018)
Research assistant with Helena Safavi-Hemami, UCPH

Andreas Birk Bertelsen (2018)
Research assistant with Senior Researcher Morten Nørholm, DTU

Emilie Müller (2017)
Now a PhD student in the lab of Prof. Preben Morth, DTU

Celeste Hackney (2017)
PhD student in our lab

Sara Ambjørn (2016)
PhD student in the lab of Vibe Østergaard, Dept. of Biology, UCPH

Mads M. Foged (2016)
PhD student in the lab of Kenji Maeda, Danish Cancer Society Research Center

Minttu Virolainen (2016)
PhD student in our lab

Mark Oglesby (2015)

Simon Kamenov (2015)
Industrial PhD student at Novo and Aalborg University

Line Larsen (2014)
Scientific researcher, Immudex

Sofie Engfred Larsen (2014)
QA chemist, Novo, Gentofte

Carsten S. Nielsen (2012)
PhD student w. Peter Brodersen, UCPH

Sidsel Nag (2012)
Completed her PhD at the University of Copenhagen

Lea C. Christensen (2011)
PhD student in our group. Now a scientist at Novo Nordisk.

Cecile Lützen Søltoft (2011)
Laboratory coordinator in our group

Jonas Damgård Schmidt (2010)
Completed his PhD at the Panum Institute, University of Copenhagen

Njal Winther Jensen (2009)
Employed at Vifor Pharma

Nils Althaus (2005):
Actor and singer-songwriter - check out his homepage.

Michael "Miguel" Maurer (2005):
Ph.D. student in the Department of Clinical Neuroimmunology, University of Zürich. 

Jaco den Otter (2005)

Annika Kyburz (2004):
Ph.D. student with Ilkka Kilpeläinen, University of Helsinki. 

Karl Bihlmaier(2004):

Ph.D. with Johannes Herrmann, University of Kaiserslautern.
Now studies medicin.

Micha Häuptle(2003):

Ph.D. with Thierry Hennet, University of Zürich.
Currently an employee at Glycovaxyn, Zurich, Switzerland.

Vital Wohlgensinger (2002):
Ph.D. student with Reinhardt Seger, Department of Immunology, Kinderspital Zürich. Now Laborleiter at Microsynth, Switzerland.

Anna Söderholm  (2002):
Ph.D. with Heribert Stoiber, University of Innsbruck.

Susanne Sales (1999):
Ph.D. with Peter Sonderegger, University of Zürich.


Kelli Louise Doherty (2012-2013)
Now at Novo Nordisk

Zhila Nikrozi (2008-2012):
Now at the Core Facility for Integrated Microscopy, University of Copenhagen.

Sandra Abel Nielsen (2007):
Studied Human Biology at the University of Copenhagen. Now a postdoc at Stanford University.

Christel Elkjær Olsen (2006-2007)
Now at PK Chemicals

Martin Pagac (2003-2005):
Ph.D. with Andreas Conzelmann, University of Fribourg. Now a postdoc at the University of New South Wales, Australia.

Technician trainees

Morten Bjerre Nielsen (2007-2008):
Completed a bachelor degree in biology. Now technician at the University of Copenhagen.

Caroline Ashiono(2004-2005):

Technician with Ulrike Kutay, ETH Zürich. 

Gwynneth Zimmermann (2003-2004):
Technician with the therapeutic antibody company Esbatech, Zürich.

Former Group pictures

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Former Group Members - Former Group Pictures

May 2015: Back - Sara M. Ambjørn, Cecilie L. Søltoft, Lars, Mark Oglesby, Simon Kamenov. Front - Raffa Magnoni, Ana P. Cordeiro, Lea C. Christensen, Minttu Virolainen.

December 2013: Back - Cecilie L. Søltoft, Raffa Magnoni, Lars, Mark Oglesby, Sofie E. Larsen. Front - Manuel Fischer, Njal W. Jensen, Lea C. Christensen, Line L.S. Larsen.

December 2012: Kelli Doherty, Niels B. Holm, David Månsson, Njal W. Jensen, Lars, Sofie E. Larsen, Henning G. Hansen, Lea C. Christensen, Oliver Krigslund, Line L.S. Larsen, David Klinkenberg.

April 2011: Back - Henning G. Hansen, Lars, Sidsel Nag, Carsten S. Nielsen, Cecilie L. Søltoft, Njal W. Jensen, Lea C. Christensen, David Månsson. Front - Jurate Kamarauskaite, Zhila Nikrozi.

June 2009: Back - Njal W. Jensen, Henning G. Hansen, Andrea Vala, Lars, Jonas D. Schmidt. Front - Christina Brandt, Sine Godiksen, Zhila Nikrozi.

June 2008: Rikke Rasmussen, Cecilie, L. Søltoft, Zhila Nikrozi, Doris Roth, Jan Riemer, Christian Appenzeller-Herzog, Sine Godiksen, Lars.

February 2006: Martin Pagac, Johannes Haugstetter, Niels Althaus, Christian Appenzeller-Herzog, Caroline Ashiono, Doris Roth, Lars, Michael Maurer, Jan Riemer.

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