Organ Homeostasis & Physiology Lab


Multicellular organisms have evolved organs and tissues with highly specialized tasks. The function of each organ is modified by local clues and systemic signals derived from other organs to ensure a coordinated response accommodating the physiological needs of the organism.The intestine, which represents one of the largest interfaces with the external environment, plays a key role in relaying environmental inputs to other organs to produce systemic responses. Our team is interested in identifying the intra- and inter-organ couplings contributing to intestinal stem cells biology, gut homeostasis, organism physiology and disease.







































Name Title Phone E-mail
Alphy John Postdoc +4535334576 E-mail
Christian Fokdal Christensen PhD Student +4535325327 E-mail
Ditte Skovaa Andersen Associate Professor +4535326878 E-mail
Duncan John Mackay PhD Fellow +4535321397 E-mail
Elizabeth Connolly Postdoc +4535334586 E-mail
Julien Colombani Associate Professor +4535320933 E-mail
Mikkel Dyring Asmussen Laboratory Assistant   E-mail
Rouba Jneid Postdoc +4535334585 E-mail
Wenting Chen Laboratory Assistant +4535323571 E-mail


Organ Homeostasis and Physiology Lab

Section for Cell and Neurobiology
Universitetsparken 15
DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø, Denmark

Associate Professor
Ditte S. Andersen
Associate Professor
Julien Colombani

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