Arg-Phe-amide-like peptides in the primitive nervous systems of coelenterates

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By using immunocytochemistry and radioimmunoassays, several substances resembling vertebrate or invertebrate neuropeptides have been found in the nervous systems of coelenterates. The most abundant neuropeptides were those related to the molluscan neuropeptide Phe-Met-Arg-Phe-amide (FMRFamide). Of antisera against different fragments of FMRFamide, those against RFamide were superior in recognizing the coelenterate peptide. Incubation of whole mounts with these RFamide antisera visualized the coelenterate nervous system in such a detail as has previously not been possible. By using a radioimmunoassay with a RFamide antiserum and [J-125]-YFMRFamide as tracer, the RFamide-like peptide from sea anemones was isolated. After cation-exchange chromatography, gelfiltration and HPLC, this peptide was obtained in a pure form.
Original languageEnglish
Volume6 Suppl 3
Pages (from-to)477-83
Number of pages7
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 1985

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  • Animals, Chromatography, Cnidaria, FMRFamide, Fluorescent Antibody Technique, Nerve Tissue Proteins, Nervous System Physiological Phenomena, Oligopeptides, Radioimmunoassay

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