BeetleAtlas: An Ontogenetic and Tissue-specific Transcriptomic Atlas of the Red Flour Beetle Tribolium castaneum

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The red flour beetle Tribolium castaneum has emerged as a powerful model in insect functional genomics. However, a major limitation in the field is the lack of a detailed spatio-temporal view of the genetic signatures underpinning the function of distinct tissues and life stages. Here, we present an ontogenetic and tissue-specific web-based resource for Tribolium transcriptomics: BeetleAtlas ( This web application provides access to a database populated with quantitative expression data for nine adult and seven larval tissues, as well as for four embryonic stages of Tribolium. BeetleAtlas allows one to search for individual Tribolium genes to obtain values of both total gene expression and enrichment in different tissues, together with data for individual isoforms. To facilitate cross-species studies, one can also use Drosophila melanogaster gene identifiers to search for related Tribolium genes. For retrieved genes there are options to identify and display the tissue expression of related Tribolium genes or homologous Drosophila genes. Five additional search modes are available to find genes conforming to any of the following criteria: exhibiting high expression in a particular tissue; showing significant differences in expression between larva and adult; having a peak of expression at a specific stage of embryonic development; belonging to a particular functional category; and displaying a pattern of tissue expression similar to that of a query gene. We illustrate how the different feaures of BeetleAtlas can be used to illuminate our understanding of the genetic mechanisms underpinning the biology of what is the largest animal group on earth.

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JournalJournal of Molecular Biology
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