Per Juel Hansen Lab

Physiology and function biology of marine plankton

I am generally interested in physiology and function biology (ecology) of planktonic organisms, community structure and function of microbial communities in marine environments. Recently, I have worked on effects of acidification (low pH) as well as on alkalinification (elevated pH) on plankton organisms. While acidification of the sea is an effect of our use of fossil fuels, alkalinification occurs in fjords and embayments during algal blooms due to high primary production.

The focus of my research group is presently on 1) Toxic algae associated with fish kills. We work with natural product chemists to discover new algal toxins associated with fish kills, and with fish physiologists on the mechanisms behind fish kills and possible immunological reactions of fish towards algal toxins. Finally, we study the costs and benefits of toxin production of marine phytoplankton, 2) Mixotrophy, which is the ability of organisms to simultaneous photosynthesize and eat. We usually split plankton organisms in to phytoplankton (“plants”) and zooplankton (animals). However, we are now aware of that many plankton organisms are in fact mixotrophs. We study the functional biology and physiology in both “algae” that eat as well as “animals” that utilize chloroplasts, which they steal from their algal prey.



Per Juel Hansen


February 19th, 1961

Marine Biological Section, University of Copenhagen
Strandpromenaden 5, DK-3000 Helsingør
Tel. 35321985

Private address
Stjernevej 15, 3100 Hornbæk
Tel. 26782117

Education and professional career
Since 2013
Full Professor, Marine biological Section, University of Copenhagen

Associate Professor, Marine Biological Laboratory, University of Copenhagen

Assistant Professor, Marine Biological Laboratory, University of Copenhagen

Research fellow, National Environmental Research Institute

PhD, University of Copenhagen, February 20th

Master of Science, University of Copenhagen, September 23th
Adminstrative experiences
Section Head of the Marine Biological Section (2013-15; 2021-present). Member of the Arctic Station Council (2013-present), Member of the board of Marine Biological Section (2012-2016), Member of the board of Marine Biological Laboratory (2003-2005; 2005-2007). Member of the National Council of Oceanology (2003-present). Manager of 3 Natural Research Council framework programmes, 1 Strategic Research Council project, and 1 Willum Kann Rasmussen project as well as PI on > 10 national grants (FNU, Carlsberg, VKR, DANIDA) and 4 international grants: 2 EU grants (BIOHAB, NTAP), 1 IAEA grant, and 1 Leverhulme Foundation grant. I have been on >20 PhD evaluation committees in DK, Sweden, Norway, France and Italy and on 10 evaluation committees for hiring permanent faculty at Danish and foreign Universities (incl. Germany and USA).

External grants (since 2000)
2022: 0.66 mill DKK (Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science – Infrastructure, Arctic Stations); 2022-2024; 2.5 mill DKK (Manager, Ministry of the Environment, Monitoring project, MarineBasisDisko); 2018-2022: 4.65 mill DKK (Manager, Ministry of the Environment, Monitoring project, MarineBasisDisko); 2018: 0.5 mill DKK Green Melt Cruise, Disko, Greenland; 2017-2022: 4.3 mil DKK (PI, EU-ITN; MixITiN, 2 PhD students); 2015-2019: 5.67 mill DKK (Manager, DFF-2 project, AQ-mix); 2015-2017: 2 mill DKK (PI, EU-Marie-Curie stipend); 2015-2019: 2 mill DKK (PI, Innovation Fund Denmark; Danish-Brazilian Cooperation; SAFEFISH); 2014: 0.45 mill DKK (together with Jens Høeg for an inverted microscope); 2012-2016: 17.2 mil DKK, (Manager; Strategic Research Council; HABFISH); 2012-2016: 2 mill DKK (PI; VKR Centre of excellence, post doc + expenses), 2012-2015: 0.3 mill DKK (PI; VKR, Primitive eyes, expenses); 2011-2013: ~100.000 DKK (PI; Leverhulme grant, UK, travels expenses); 2008-2012: 1.7 mil DKK (PI; Marinvac, Strategic Research Council, PhD + expenses); 2008-2012: 1.5 mill DKK (PI; MarBioShell, Strategic Research Council, PhD + expenses); 2007-2009: 1.2 mill DKK (Manager; Mixotrophic consortia, FNU-framework program, expenses); 2006: 58.000 (FNU, Galathea 3 project); 2004-2006:500,000 DKK (Manager; pH and plankton, SNF-framework, expenses); 2004-2006: 2.067,000 DKK (Villum Kann Rasmussen, 1 post doc, ½ technician, expenses); 2002: 80,000 DKK (SNF-framework, expenses); 2001-2004: 2,100,000 DKK (EU-NTAP, 1. post. doc + expenses); 2001: 238,000 DKK (SNF-equipment); 2000-2003: 1,710,000 DKK (EU-BIOHAB, 1. post doc + expenses), 1999-2001: 252,000 DKK (SNF-framework).

Teaching and supervision experience
I teach a number of undergraduate and graduate courses at the University of Copenhagen. I have been a teacher on 12 PhD courses in DK and abroad. I have previously supervised 40 Master students, 19 PhD students and 11 post docs. Currently, I am the supervisor/co-supervisor of 2 PhD students. Production of MS and PhD candidates in the period 2010-present: 22 and 16, respectively.

International relations
Through my research I have collaborated intensively in various projects with international research groups from the US, France, UK, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Thailand, The Philippines, Korea, Belgium and Australia. I have taken part in a number of international projects as well as have included international researchers in larger national projects. Recent projects include the HABFISH/SAFEFISH projects, the AQ-mix projects (DFF-2 project), and the EU-ITN project MixITiN.  

Conferences, workshops and outreach
> 90 presentations at national and international conferences and workshops. Scientific contributions to national media, public talks and events.   
Referee and editorial tasks: Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Journal Harmful Algae (since its start); Associate Editor for Frontiers in Microbiology (since 2021); Review editor for Aquatic Microbial Ecology (2006-present) and Marine Ecology Progress Series (2007-present), associate reviewer for J. Euk Microbiol (2005-present), and referee for > 15 international scientific journals.       
146 scientific papers in international journals with "peer review"; 47 of these since 2017. 40 other book chapters, papers, reports, book reviews etc. Citation record (as of February 1, 2023): Google scholar: 11,704 citations; H-index 58, I-index 125.




Post docs
Andreas Altenburger (2015-2018) SNM, Co-advisor
Ruth Anderson (2015-2018)
Miran Kim (2016)
Nikolai Gedsted Andersen (2012-2015)
Terje Berge (2011-2014)
Louise K.Poulsen (2008-2009)
Anne-Lise Middelboe (2003-2006)
Nina Lundholm (2003-2006)
Harry Havskum (2002-2004)
Alf Skovgaard (2000-2002)

PhD students
Nikola Medic (2018-2021)
Fredrik Ryderheim (2019-2021), DTUaqua, co-advisor
Filomena Romano (2018-2021), UCPH-HRCM, Greece, co-advisor
Guilherme Ferreira (2018-2021), UCPH-CSIC, Spain, co-advisor
Maira Maselli (2018-2021)
Kistine Drumm (2015-2020)
Sofie Bjørnholt Binzer (2015-2019)

Hannah Blossom (2014-2018)
Lasse T. Nielsen (2008-2012)
Nikolaj Andersen (2008-2012)
Kristine Engel Arendt Hansen (2007-2011)
Terje Berge (2007-2011)
Lydia Garcia (2007-2011)
WorapornTarangkoon (2007-2010)
Morten Moldrup (2007-2010)
SureeSatapoomin (1999-2002)
Hans Henrik Jakobsen (1997-2000)
Alf Skovgaard (1996-1999)

MSc students
2021: Emilie Frederikke Krongaard Henningsen, Christine Schultz Yde Eriksen, Melanie Desmaret Walli, Barbara Løwe Sørensen
2020: Erin Ann Hughes
2016: Pernille Rusterholz
2015: Marcell Elo Petersen, Trine Callesen, Nicolai Andreas Munk Fassel,
Sofie Bjørnholt Mogensen
2014: Marina Pancic, Frededrik Wolff Teglhus, Thomas Bech-Thomassen
2013: Christina Thoisen, Kirstine Drumm, Mette Liebst, Tine Bædkel
2012: Eleonora Bruno, Betinna Balling Andersen
2011: Julie Cornelius Grenvald, Hannah Blossom
2010: Rasmus Jakobsen
2009: Dorte Søgaard, Morten Kristensen
2008: Brian Christensen, Karen Riisgaard, Lasse T Nielsen
2006: Morten Smith, Lone Munk, Anders Jonsson, Terje Berge, Søren Parnas
2005: Mia Kristensen
2003: Kristine Engel Hansen
2002: Maria Fenger Pedersen
2000: Høgni Debes, Morten Hjorth
1998: Lisa Ejbye Smidth
1996: Hans Henrik Jakobsen
1995: Alf Skovgaard


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Professor Per Juel Hansen
Marine Biology Section
Strandpromenaden 5
DK-3000 Helsingør, Denmark

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