Marine Molecular Microbiology

The research interests of the group concern marine microbial ecology. We apply molecular and microbiological tools to identify factors that regulate bacterioplankton community composition in the ocean. Recent and ongoing projects are especially related to the ecology of heterotrophic N2-fixing bacterioplankton and bacterial diversity and population dynamics.

In parallel with the microbiology projects, we apply molecular tools in projects adressing aspects of plankton ecology. Current projects concern molecular identification of fish larvae and their prey.

Standard microbiology techniques and bacterial cultivation are combined with state-of-the-art molecular methodology such as: PCR, Real-Time PCR, metagenomics, transcriptomics and amplicon sequencing. Approaches include field work as well as experimental work.






























The Riemann group August 2020. From left: Subhendu Chakraborty, Ellen Salamon, Lasse Riemann, Meriel Bittner, Tobias Launbjerg, Lisa W. von Friesen, and Søren Hallstrøm.


Name Title Phone E-mail
Ellen Rachel Salamon Paid by the hour +45 353-32245 E-mail
Lasse Riemann Professor +45 353-21959 E-mail
Lisa Winberg von Friesen PhD fellow +45 353-32787 E-mail
Meriel Jennifer Bittner PhD fellow +45 353-33744 E-mail
Subhendu Chakraborty Postdoc +45 353-31567 E-mail
Søren Hallstrøm +45 353-31089 E-mail

Other members

Name Title


Professor Lasse Riemann
Head of Marine Biological Section
Professor in Marine molecular microbiology

Marine Biological Section
Strandpromenaden 5
DK-3000 Helsingør, Denmark

Researcher ID
Phone: +45 35 32 19 59


New project funded

Pathogenic Vibrio bacteria in the current and future Baltic Sea waters: mitigating the problem (BaltVib)”. Partner in this three-year EU project fundet by the Biodiversa program. A two-year postdoc postion will becom available in our group, starting in spring 2021. 

Saulia, E., Benavides, M., Henke, B.A, Turk-Kubo, K.A, Cooperguard, H., Grosso, O., Desnues A., Rodier, M., Dupouy, C., Riemann, L., Bonnet, S.Seasonal shifts in diazotroph players: patterns observed over a two-year time series in the New Caledonian lagoon (Western Tropical South Pacific Ocean). In press. Frontiers in Marine Science

Benavides M, Duhamel S, Van Wambeke F, Shoemaker KM, Moisander PH, Salamon E, Riemann L, Bonnet S. Dissolved organic matter stimulates N
2 fixation and nifH gene expression in natural Trichodesmium colonies. 2020. FEMS Microbiol Letters 367, fnaa034