Marine viruses

Viruses are important components in marine ecosystems and play key roles in microbial evolution and biogechemical cycling. Further, viruses are used in disease control. We investigate these aspects of viral activity from field studies and by experimental studies of virus-host interactions under controlled conditions in the laboratory.

Marine viruses are intracellular parasites of mainly heterotrophic bacteria, and the most abundant biological components in the marine environment. At Marine Biological Section we study the ecology of marine viruses and their bacterial hosts and explore the potential of using viruses to control pathogenic bacteria.


























Research group

Name Title Phone E-mail
Jesper Juel Mauritzen PhD Fellow   E-mail
Mathias Middelboe Professor +4535321991 E-mail


Name Title
Weronika Kolodziejczyk Master student
Mathias Bech Nygaard Sørensen Master student
Mads Nordam Bachelor student
Evita Nordkute Bachelor student
Sandi Saric Bachelor student


Professor Mathias Middelboe
Marine Biological Section
Strandpromenaden 5
DK-3000 Helsingør
Phone: +45 35 32 19 91
Mob: +41 17 87 98 


Jan. 2021: New website published for the HADAL project: HADAL site

Nov. 2020: New article on the new HADAL Center of Excellence at SDU (in Danish)

Nov. 2020: New paper on phage-biofilm interactions in the fish pathogen Flavobaterium psychrophilum demonstrate strong biocontrolling effect of bacteriophages: Link to paper.

Sept. 2020: New equipment in the Virus Lab: A MinION nanopore sequencer from Oxford Nanopore will allow us to sequence viral and bacterial genomes in the lab.

Sept. 2020: We are part of the new Center of Excellence on Deep Sea research:Sachia Jo Traving is an new post doc in the center who will exlore the ecology and diversity of viruses in deep oceanic trenches

August 2020: Dybhavet og det ydre rum - symposium på Bloom festival
Søndermarken d. 15 August

July 2020: New paper by PhD student Jesper Juel Mauritzen on a prophage containing the zot-toxin
Link to the article in "Viruses"

April 2020: New paper by PhD student Mads Frederik Hansen and post doc Demeng Tan on quorum sensing regulation of prophages 
Link to article in ISME Journal

Ny forskning: Marin bakterie bruger signalstoffer til at kontrollere latent virus