Metabolic Regulation Lab

We study adipocytes (fat cells) and adipose tissue. In recent years, our focus has been on the molecular control of differentiation, activation and metabolism of brown adipocytes. Our interest in brown adipose tissue biology derives from the striking ability of brown adipocytes to counteract obesity and insulin resistance in experimental animals and the observation that active brown fat is present in many adult humans. Ongoing projects revolve around metabolic regulation and signal transduction. Our aim is to uncover novel regulatory mechanisms through which brown adipose tissue can be exploited therapeutically.























































Metabolic Regulation Lab

Cell Biology and Physiology
Universitetsparken 13
DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø, Denmark

Associate Professor Jacob B. Hansen
Phone: +45 4075 9544


July 2020
New paper in collaboration with Novo Nordisk out now!

April 2020
New paper about PKM2 out now in FEBS Letters! Congratulations to Marie and the other co-authors :-)

In addition, a new paper in collaboration with colleagues from Aarhus University Hospital is out - and with a key contribution by Wei!

February 2020
New paper in collaboration with the Novak lab out now!

September 2019
New papers in collaboration with the Kristiansen and Blomberg Jensen labs out now!

March 2018
New paper about the importance of glucose and glycolysis out in AJP-Endo! Congratulations to Sally, Marie and the other co-authors :-)

February 2018
New paper about GSK3 out in Scientific Reports! Congratulations to Lasse and Sally :-)