Pilegaard Lab

Aging and lifestyle-related diseases are associated with a broad range of metabolic impairments in multiple tissues. The overall aim of our group is to examine the molecular and cellular changes in metabolism with aging and life-style related diseases as well as to understand the beneficial effects of exercise training on aging and lifestyle-related metabolic changes. In addition, we have focus on the acute regulation of metabolic flexibility during for example exercise and changes in food intake.

We investigate several tissues including skeletal muscle, liver and adipose tissue, and we use primarily mouse models and human subjects to address our research questions.



Lab members

Name Title
Anders Gudiksen Post doc
Jens Frey Halling Post doc
Henriette Pilegaard Professor
Philip Meizner Rasmussen Pre-PhD student
Stine Ringholm AC-TAP
Albina Qoqaj MSc student
Amanda Krogh Terkildsen MSc student
Anna Cathrine Præstegaard BSc student
Emil Jønsson Kristiansen BSc student
Eva Zhou MSc student
Josefine Kølbæk Hansen MSc student
Laura Niebuhr McQueen BSc student
Louise Pedersen MSc student
Peter Hansen Damtoft BSc student
Sofia Emilie Tønnesen Project student
Sofie Elholm Rasmussen Project student


Professor Henriette Pilegaard 
Cell Biology and Physiology
August Krogh Building room 431
Universitetsparken 13
DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø

Mail: hpilegaard@bio.ku.dk
Phone: +45 35 32 16 87