Network for a green transition in the Danish aquaculture sector (AquaNet)

This network will promote collaboration between stakeholders in Danish aquaculture sector and support green transition initiatives in aquaculture.

The network

Aquaculture is the fastest growing food production sector but it suffers from societal, environmental, and technical challenges that require interdisciplinary collaboration. With the support from the University of Copenhagen's specific initiatives within green transition, we will establish a new network with collaborators from the Danish aquaculture sector that can address these challenges.

The combined expertise of the network’s participants will be an important starting point for outlining long-term goals towards green transition in Danish aquaculture production. The focus will be on identifying specific research needs, challenges and opportunities, and target national and international funding in order to advance the aquaculture sector towards sustainability and green transition.

Everyone with an interest in aquaculture are welcome to join the network and take part in the activities. So, please sign up below if you would like to be part of this initiative.

The aim

The overarching aim of the network is to promote the growth of Danish aquaculture by developing and launching new initiatives in the green transition of the industry in a way that contributes to European Green Deal initiative.

Our objectives over the following year are to:
  • Describe the long-term goals for a green transition of the Danish aquaculture production.
  • Identify societal, environmental and technical challenges associated with a sustainable growth in the aquaculture sector.
  • Identify and prepare specific research projects and collaborative efforts that can target national and international funding calls and move the field forward.
  • Put aquaculture on the agenda as a strategic solution in the green transition of national (and global) food production. 


The network will organize seminars and workshops to reach out to scientists, companies, decision makers and other stakeholders within the Danish aquaculture sector with the aim of promoting discussion and development of interdisciplinary partnerships and developing research projects, which target national and international funding.


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Kurt Buchmann Professor Billede af Kurt Buchmann
Mathias Middelboe Professor Billede af Mathias Middelboe
Violetta Aru Assistant Professor - Tenure Track Billede af Violetta Aru

Funded by:

KU logoAquaNet has received a two year funding from University of Copenhagen

Project: Network for a green transition in the Danish aquaculture sector (AquaNet)
Period:  September 2021- September 2023


Professor Mathias Middelboe
Marine Biological Section
Strandpromenaden 5,
3000 Helsingør


The new 21 mill DKK Innovation Fund project AQUAPHAGE led by Mathias Middelboe and including several members of the AquaNet network was launched in June 2023.

The summary report from the first AquaNet workshop in april 2023 is now available.

A short note on the AquaNet workshop was published in Eurofish Magazine (Issue 3, May/June 2023)

The Department of Food and Resource Economics, University of Copenhagen (IFRO) is organizing a PHD course in Aquaculture Economics and Management.
Blue Mission BANOS’ 1st Mission Arena will take place on 14-16 November in Gothenburg (Sweden)
The Mission Arena is the first ever large-scale, in-person platform for actors, projects, and initiatives from within the Baltic and North Sea to connect and explore measures to foster (1) Low-trophic Aquaculture & Products, (2) Renewable Energy and Multi-Use Solutions, and (3) Marine Protection and Reduction of Marine Pollution in the Baltic and North Sea, among other things.