52 PhD theses in reverse chronological order

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Pelagic nitrogen fixation and diazotrophs in the Eurasian Arctic Ocean: A missing piece o...
Lisa Winberg von FriesenSUPERVISOR: Lasse Riemann 01-08-2023

Vitamin B1 Dynamics in Coastal Waters
Meriel J. BittnerSUPERVISOR: Lasse Riemann & Ryan Paerl 31-07-2023

Assessing cryptic marine biodiversity - Environmental DNA detection, microhabitat dependen...
Ole Bjørn BrodnickeSUPERVISOR: Katrine Worsaae & Michael J. Sweet 01-03-2023

How salmon hooked me - Host-microbe interactions in aquaculture
Jacob Agerbo RasmussenSUPERVISOR: Tom Limborg, Karsten Kristiansen og Tom Gilbert 05-07-2022

Regulation of virulence properties in the fish pathogen Vibrio anguillarum: The role of pr...
Jesper Juel MauritzenSUPERVISOR: Mathias Middelboe 02-05-2022

Eco-physiology of ichthyotoxic constitutive mixoplankton
Nikola MedicSUPERVISOR: Per Juel Hansen 09-09-2021

Feeding in mixoplankton: from the lack of a standardised field technique to the impact of ...
Guilherme Duarte FerreiraSUPERVISOR: Per Juel Hansen and Albert Calbet 27-08-2021

Temporal and vertical dynamics of mixoplanktonic pelagic ciliates in the oligotrophic East...
Filomena RomanoSUPERVISOR: Per Juel Hansen & Paraskevi Pitta 31-07-2021

Carbon cycling in freshwater ecosystems - from pond to stream network
Kenneth Thorø MartinsenSUPERVISOR: Kaj Sand-Jensen 27-07-2021

Marine nitrogen fixation: Importance of enigmatic nitrogen-fixing microbes in open ocean a...
Kendra Turk-KuboSUPERVISOR: Jonathan Zehr 28-05-2021

Eco-physiology of prey generalist mixoplanktonic ciliates
Maira MaselliSUPERVISOR: Per Juel Hansen 28-05-2021

Optimizing fish growth and animal welfare in aquaculture sea cages by profiling oxygen and...
Heidrikur BergssonSUPERVISOR: John Fleng Steffensen 01-04-2021

The Cubozoan Nervous System. From Neuropeptides to Learning Formation in the Box Jellyfish...
Sofie Katrine Dam NielsenSUPERVISOR: Anders Garm & Cornelius Grimmelikhuijzen 14-12-2020

Nitrogen fixation in marine waters: Importance of environmental gradients
Søren HallstrømSUPERVISOR: Lasse Riemann 30-11-2020

Functional biology, photophysiology and nutrient dynamics of non-constitutive mixotrophic ...
Kirstine DrummSUPERVISOR: Per Juel Hansen 14-02-2020

Chemical ecology of fish-killing microalgae
Sofie Bjørnholt BinzerSUPERVISOR: Per Juel Hansen 30-09-2019

Novel Optical Sensing Approaches in Environmental and Biomedical Science
Maria MosshammerSUPERVISOR: Michael Kühl 29-01-2019

Living on the edge: Ecology and physiology of European perch Perca fluviatilis in b...
Emil Aputsiaq Flindt ChristensenSUPERVISOR: John Fleng Steffensen 14-07-2018

The effects of riverine DOM on microbial composition and function
Elisabeth Münster HappelSUPERVISOR: Lasse Riemann 30-06-2018

Mixotrophy and toxicity in harmful microalgae
Hannah Eva BlossomSUPERVISOR: Per Juel Hansen 10-04-2018

Bacteriophage interactions with Vibrio anguillarum and the potential for phage ther...
Nanna RørboSUPERVISOR: Mathias Middelboe 23-12-2017

The Greenland shark (Somniosus microcephalus) Diet, tracking and radiocarbon age estimates...
Julius NielsenSUPERVISOR: John Fleng Steffensen 30-11-2017

Bacteriophage interactions with marine pathogenic Vibrios
Panagiotis KalatzisSUPERVISOR: Mathias Middelboe 01-10-2017

Biophotonics of diatoms – Linking frustule structure to photobiology
Johannes Wilhelm GoesslingSUPERVISOR: Michael Kühl 18-06-2017

Microscale Canopy Interactions in Aquatic Phototrophs
Mads LichtenbergSUPERVISOR: Michael Kühl 19-04-2017

Effects of harmful algae on the physiology of fishes
Morten Bo Søndergaard SvendsenSUPERVISOR: John Fleng Steffensen 31-12-2016

Evolution of Scale Worms
Brett Christopher GonzalezSUPERVISOR: Katrine Worsaae 05-12-2016

Interactions between prokaryotes and dissolved organic matter in marine waters
Sachia Jo TravingSUPERVISOR: Lasse Riemann 15-05-2016

Microenvironmental Ecology of Phototrophs from Extreme Environments
Erik TrampeSUPERVISOR: Michael Kühl 15-05-2016

Evolution and structure of neuromuscular systems in spiralian meiofauna
Nicolas Tarik BekkoucheSUPERVISOR: Katrine Worsaae 02-05-2016

Applications of cyanobacteria in biofuel production
Klaus Benedikt MöllersSUPERVISOR: Niels-Ulrik Frigaard 31-01-2016

Neuromuscular structure, evolution and development in meiofaunal annelids with special foc...
Alexandra KerblSUPERVISOR: Katrine Worsaae 16-12-2015

Development and application of fiber-optic sensors in environmental and life sciences
Lars RickeltSUPERVISOR: Michael Kühl 01-09-2015

Exploration of phage-host interactions in the fish pathogen Vibrio anguillarum and ...
Demeng TanSUPERVISOR: Mathias Middelboe 16-03-2015

Marine picoeukaryotes in cold water: diversity and ecology
Nikolaj SørensenSUPERVISOR: Niels Daugbjerg & Katherine Richardson 15-08-2014

Future challenges and possibilities for the Danish long-line production of blue mussels, <...
Pernille NielsenSUPERVISOR: Bent Vismann 01-05-2014

The Biology of Heterotrophic N2-fixing Bacteria in Marine and Estuarine Waters
Mikkel Bentzon-TiliaSUPERVISOR: Lasse Riemann 19-03-2014

The effects of temperature, hypoxia and hypercapnia on the metabolism of Atlantic cod G...
Bjørn TirsgårdSUPERVISOR: John Fleng Steffensen 26-11-2013

Vision and visual information processing in cubozoans
Jan BieleckiSUPERVISOR: Jens T. Høeg & Anders Garm 30-06-2013

Evolution and adaptation of marine annelids in interstitial and cave habitats
Alejandro Martinez GarciaSUPERVISOR: Katrine Worsaae 31-05-2013

Cardio-respiratory Physiology of the European Eel (Anguilla anguilla) in Extreme En...
Caroline MethlingSUPERVISOR: John Fleng Steffensen 15-01-2013

Microenvironmental and molecular ecology of the cyanobacteria Prochloron and Aca...
Lars BehrendtSUPERVISOR: Michael Kühl & Søren J. Sørensen 01-12-2012

Genetic engineering of cyanobacteria
Jacob JacobsenSUPERVISOR: Niels-Ulrik Frigaard 30-11-2012

Toxin production in Dinophysis and the fate of these toxins in marine mussels
Lasse Tor NielsenSUPERVISOR: Per Juel Hansen 30-11-2012

Ichthyotoxic algae and their effects on fish
Nikolaj Gedsted AndersenSUPERVISOR: Per Juel Hansen 01-08-2012

Plankton community structure in a West Greenland fjord - influenced by the Greenland Ice S...
Kristine Engel ArendtSUPERVISOR: Per Juel Hansen 01-10-2011

In situ gene expression and ecophysiology of thermophilic Cyanobacteria
Sheila Ingemann JensenSUPERVISOR: Michael Kühl 15-11-2010

The Life-cycle of Sandeel - Adaptations to a seasonal environment, from the perspective of...
Mikael van DeursSUPERVISOR: John Fleng Steffensen 14-08-2010

Making Sense of Protists – aspects of phototaxis and chemo sensory behavior
Morten MoldrupSUPERVISOR: Per Juel Hansen 06-07-2010

Structure and dynamics of marine macrozoobenthos in Greenland - and the link to environmen...
Martin Emil BlicherSUPERVISOR: Ronnie N. Glud 15-06-2010

Mixotrophic Protists among Marine Ciliates and Dinoflagellates: Distribution, Physiology a...
Woraporn TarangkoonSUPERVISOR: Per Juel Hansen 29-04-2010

Modelling the effects of climate change, species interactions and fisheries – towards Ecos...
Martin LindegrenSUPERVISOR: Michael Olesen 08-01-2010